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Dark souls is a trial by death experience; a temperament to the gamers self-control and endurance. It’s gritty, dark, emotionally compelling and atmospherically nerve wreaking. Players venturing into its madness will not only become immersed in its visceral world, but engulfed to its maddening difficulty.

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coolasj2127d ago

RGN looks like IGN for views or coincidence.

shadowknight2032127d ago

Eh pt taken but the site name is a mouth full so the abrev is useful

EmperorDalek2127d ago

I played it for almost 9 hours on my first day... easily my GOTY so far.

schlanz2126d ago

It's between this and Xenoblade Chronicles for me. And we still have Skyrim, Zelda, and Uncharted yet.. I also have yet to play Batman. What an amazing year for games.