Assassin's Creed level designer 'sick' of people thinking they 'wanna do an Uncharted'.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations Level Designer Falko Poiker -

"Well I worked on the Villa attack (in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood). I actually worked on everything in the Villa but my concentration was the attack. Well I kinda’ got sick of people saying “We wanna’ do it like Uncharted”. That’s the difference here -- our game is not Uncharted, so let’s not obsess about another game. They were clearly thinking Uncharted was a better game and I think that’s a really bad attitude to take. You know I have a theory that the team behind Uncharted are thinking “Let’s make Uncharted more like Assassin’s Creed!” -- at least that’s what I’m hoping is happening."

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LOGICWINS2434d ago

Don't worry about those people who "wanna do it like Uncharted". They're just followers. Just keep doing what your doing: Making a non-linear game that actually has a DEEP story.

NukaCola2434d ago

Your comment sounds more lke an attack against Uncharted than support for Assassin's Creed.

Two different games, both amazing stories.

_DarkCharizard_2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Assassin's creed brotherhood had a rather forgettable story so I hope they do well in that aspect this time..

The last 2 AC games to me are better than UC1. But UC2 is just a class apart and UC3 looks to be following in its footsteps ;)

lorianguy2434d ago

I think you made the first ever un-disagreeable comment based on logic. You'll still get disagrees though because this is N4G.

MostJadedGamer2434d ago

Uncharted deserves to be atacked NukaCola. That kinda of restricitive, linear gameplay should have been done with years agao. It long ago stopped being fun.

DarkTower8052434d ago

I love both franchises (shocker how its possible huh) but each offer different things. The complaint I have with Assains Creed though is every game feels the same. Same settings, same missions and dragged out storyline. This is why I'm just mildy excited for ACR.

Uncharted is linear yes, but it should be. That is the way it keeps the storyline pacing at a good beat. The story in AC is good, but the progression is very slow.

For the devs, I hope each stays true to itself. They are both great unique franchises that offer experiences not found elsewhere.

LOGICWINS2434d ago

"Your comment sounds more lke an attack against Uncharted"

How was I attacking Uncharted? Everything I said was true.

Is it linear? YUP

Is its story lacking in depth compared to other games? YUP

Outside_ofthe_Box2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Once again LOGICFAILS.

Now, first off I'm going to say a I agree with logic to some degree. Uncharted is a linear game and the story isn't that deep (especially UC1), BUT (I'm about use one of LOGIC'S INFAMOUS tactics against him) isn't whether or not if a story is deep a matter of an opinion?

A deep story for you might not be a deep story for some one else. For instance I think that UC2's story is great and had depth, while I think that AC's stories aren't all that great. On the flip side, you think that UC's stories aren't that "DEEP" compared to other games and that AC "actually has a 'DEEP' story.

So in the end everything you said is NOT TRUE.

Is uncharted linear? YUP.

Is uncharted's story lacking in depth? Well, that's a matter of an OPINION, YUP.

LOGICWINS2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

"Once again LOGICFAILS."

*yawns* getting old. At least try to be original.

"Is uncharted's story lacking in depth?"

Thats like saying its a matter of opinion whether or not Bad Boys 2 has a deeper story than the Godfather.

At some point we have to label some opinions as stupid. Hitler had opinions as well...that doesn't mean that they weren't stupid.

@Outside of the Box- As far as your trolling problem, it seems our issues aren't too different. I was going to try to email the mods about it...but there really isn't a point. If they don't like what you have to say, they'll debubble you...even if you make perfect sense and offend no one.

EDIT: An opinion is an opinion your right...but wouldn't you say that that a person should have evidence to support their opinion?

The historical relevance of AC CLEARLY overshadows anything in the Uncharted franchise. AC mixes history, science, religion, faith etc. UC has some history to it, but its more of a popcorn action movie. Thats just my perspective.

Outside_ofthe_Box2434d ago

"Thats like saying its a matter of opinion whether or not Bad Boys 2 has a deeper story than the Godfather."

So? It's still an opinion isn't? If someone were to say Bad Boys 2 had a deeper story that is their opinion. I someone says they think that UC2 had a deeper story than all of the AC games that's their opinion. If people think that Gorge Bush is a better president than Obama that's their opinion. An opinion is an opinion.

Iroquois_Pliskin2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )


So, if uncharted was as bad as you pointed it out, it wouldn't have earned the most awards in gaming history. Assassins creed and uncharted are both great franchises, stop hating.

@Kaveti6616 below me:

Easy, play the game.

solidjun52433d ago

"The historical relevance of AC CLEARLY overshadows anything in the Uncharted franchise. AC mixes history, science, religion, faith etc. UC has some history to it, but its more of a popcorn action movie. Thats just my perspective. "

Okay...fair enough. That's your opinion and I'll give that to you. However, earlier you said:

"How was I attacking Uncharted? Everything I said was true." This indicates that you're saying this as a fact. No, it's your opinion. I can easily say Super Mario Bro. is the greatest movie ever and that would equally be valid (I'm not saying that of course), cause it's an opinion. So don't come in trying force feed an opinion into a FACT.

Now you usually come in and start screaming on the internet saying "Why do YOU care. That's their OPINION." (I'm paraphrasing here) Here you're somewhat doing the opposite of what you're notoriously known for (Besides the crying). Bit hypocritical if you ask me.

How is Outside_the_box trolling? he has a point. Just because you can bring evidence to assert that AC is clearly superior in storytelling is no different than him (or anyone else) to do the same for UC. Your LOGIC (ironic) is clearly flawed.
Still the same commentor under your old name (Deadreckoning666)

inveni02433d ago

Uncharted 2 won more awards for story than you can count on your little, stubby fingers. We can explain that in one of two ways:

1) Uncharted 2 factually has a fantastic story.
2) That Uncharted 2's story is great is simply a matter of opinion.

It doesn't matter which option you choose. Your argument loses either way. That is because we've solved the problem with logic...and logic always wins. I figured you'd know that, but whatever

Finally, Assassin's Creed IS a linear game, it's just set in an open world. I liken it to inFamous. InFamous is a linear game--even with all the choices, you still wander down a set path. Side missions are of no consequence. It's linear.

An example of a non-linear game would be something like Fallout 3. Certain side quests held the potential to permanently change the landscape of the game...and they were just side quests.

The lesson here is that open world != non-linear.

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fluffydelusions2434d ago

You say it like Uncharted has no story. Do you think it won all those GOTY awards on graphics alone?

kaveti66162434d ago

I'll never understand why Uncharted 2 got so many awards.

LOGICWINS2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

@kaveti6616- You can't say anything remotely negative about Uncharted on this site without getting buried with disagrees lol. In fact thats how I lost two bubbles.

I didn't even say UC3 MP sucks...all I said was that it wasn't for me and I'm grateful that I played the beta because I realized that I wasn't buying the game Day 1. Pure B.S

Outside_ofthe_Box2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )


Funny, I find it that I can't say the truth without being called trolling.

If you click show for Dante's comment (I don't even know why he called trolling) you'll see that my comment was bubbled down for trolling while I was only stating the truth. Go figure.

Biggest2434d ago

You'd understand why Uncharted 2 got so many awards if you would read what the awards are. They say exactly what they are. You many disagree, and since you're you I know you do, but you can not say you don't understand.

kaveti66162434d ago

I played the game.

That was enough for me to conclude that while it was a great single player game, it was over-recognized.

vickers5002433d ago


It didn't win those awards for its story, it won it for the graphics (which includes cinematics) AND the gameplay. Anybody who thinks that Uncharted story is "deep" or "one of the best this gen" (I've seriously seen people say this), hasn't played very many games. It's not bad by any means, it's just nothing to be taken seriously.

The game did not deserve all the 10's it got. It definitely deserved all the 9's, but it sure as hell didn't deserve as many perfect scores as it received.

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Kur02434d ago

Too bad AC has some shit gameplay. I could play that game with my eyes closed.

dgonza402434d ago

yeah, it's too easy.. just countering.
but i play it for the story :p

rezzah2434d ago

The story is what matters overall.

consolez_FTW2434d ago

wait wait..

you're comparing two totally different types of 3rd person games just to troll UC? lol trolls

UC is a TPS with some platform/puzzle stuff and great story!

AC is open 3rd person with parkour, puzzle, tiny rpg elements and assassinations.complicated but good story too.

LOGIC it's about time u changed ur name to LOGICFAILS already.

jetlian2433d ago

you read the article you would know why its these 2 games Change your name to FTL

Thatguy-3102434d ago

I'll take uncharted over assassins any day !! Assasins is just boring to ME and I easily get lost on what's happening...didn't even finish part 2. As for uncharted, well everyone knows how action centric is so its hard to not keep up with the story. On top of that the characters have more life to them and are more likable. But that's just my opinion

Psychotica2434d ago

I am just the opposite. I never even finished Uncharted 2 because it's so linear.

supremacy2434d ago

AC to me is like splinter cell meets prince of persia meets theif, meets tenchu, i like the series. However it does get quite boring after a while. And you are right the uncharted games do have a more life like approach to them.

Heck uncharted is my favorite franchise this gen, love the locales, the environment and the ambiance all that brings.

I suppose metal gear solid was a balance game that splits action and stealth with a memorable cast of characters and thats what I feel this series is missing.

And although it can be annoying to compare one game to another, I think is ok as long said games are different in their own ways. Many games get compared to another its just how big the industry has become.

Silly gameAr2434d ago

Kind of pathetic how people are saying Uncharted is linear just for the sake of trolling the series. Most games made are linear. Why try to make linear games a bad thing when it comes to Uncharted?

Biggest2434d ago

How are linear games hard to finish? Shouldn't it be easier?

Psychotica2434d ago

@Biggest - Who said they were hard to finish?

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MostJadedGamer2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Most people don't care about Uncharted's linear, restrictive set pieces. Linear gameplay stopped being fun many years ago. Its something they should be done away with like 2D gameplay.

NiKK_4192434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

That's the stupidest thing I've heard in a while. If the developer can do it, 2D games can be GREAT still. Same goes with linear games, like Uncharted. When it comes to story, linear is usually better anyway.

Edit: Wow, I just read your other comments above and below... I'm glad you have no say in what a game should be.

Biggest2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Most people don't care. It's just the people handing out the awards that think it's the best thing since sliced bread. Does that make you sad two years later? Aww!

Edit: To MostJadedGamer below...


Who needs stealth anyway?

jetlian2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Guardian heroes hit xbla and its one of the best 2d games ive ever played and 3d for that matter. I like linear games to be honest.

I don't like wasting time just doing time extending missions. That said both games are fun. AC is my up close and personal and UC is my balls to the wall.

I think AC has the better story and world though. UC has the better characters

Edit Snipes : AC is at 29 million sold and UC is at 8.5 million! who's looking at who

HeavenlySnipes2434d ago

although its laughable that ND would look up to you (lmao) don't be mad that everyone would rather play UC than AC. Keep making your game with broken fighting mechanics (counterkill FTW) and nonexistant stealth elements in main story missions (Why not call it Murderers Creed? Its not like I'm ever forced to kill people in stealth...)

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jack_burt0n2434d ago

Yeah be better listening to people who say stop milking it, put some real stealth in the game and get rid of the stupid accents, if you want to take yourself seriously subtitle the whole efffing game.

Tanir2434d ago

lol its true the game has no stealth for being an assassin game.

that and well one wasnt that good, 2 was great, brother hood felt exactly the same as part 2, so i got bored with it and quit it half way through,

revalations looks good though. just wish he was actually an assassin

JellyJelly2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I agree with you fully.

A more challenging approach to stealth and replacing the ridicolous "Ezio like-e de meat-a-bolla" accents with italian and subtitles would make it more immersive. At least an option to have the native language would be nice.

Nate-Dog2434d ago

The option to have native language is available in AC (although I think you have to have finished the game at least once to use it). But trust me, you don't want to do it for ACII / ACB, it's actually shocking how bad the voice acting for Ezio is in Italian, it's the last type of voice you'd expect especially compared to the English VA.

spunnups2434d ago

Agreed, the stealth, especially in AC2, was a JOKE. The story was boring also, IMO. AC2 was one of the few blockbuster games that I couldn't bring myself to finish.

MostJadedGamer2434d ago

Stealth is boring, and I am very glad AC is becoming less, and less, and less focused on stealth with every game.

jut4202434d ago

Seriously? Stealth is one of the best elements in games IMO. Stealth games provide so much replay value because you can always replay in different ways. I honestly think it makes the most diverse types of games because usually you can take out the enemies if you're not feeling too stealthy. There's gunplay, melee combat and the usually difficult task of not being caught. These types of games usually get my heart racing.

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Gambit072434d ago

I've never heard of this. Never associated AC with Uncharted. Some people...

MysticStrummer2434d ago

This is more about an AC dev being upset that UC gets more attention and accolades than AC.

JsonHenry2434d ago

Real stealth would be nice.

Pro_TactX2433d ago

Stealth is not the point of Assassin's Creed. Public execution is the point.

Attacking in broad daylight in a crowded area tells your enemies that you can get them anywhere. The idea is to make your enemies afraid.

JsonHenry2433d ago

Yeah, you're right. I guess I just want a really good "Thief" game and thought maybe these guys could pull it off.

hot1112434d ago

Why would anyone turn open world game(Assasins Creed) into linear script fest(Uncharted)?
There is a place for both games,to be clear

It would be like turning GTA into rail shooter.

Tanir2434d ago

linear script fest?

if you know anything you would know that uncharted is about making you feel like your part of a movie, your actions are intergrated into these crazy dynamic scenes instead of just making you watch a cutscene.

AC doesnt put you in those situations, you just run in the middle of a crowd of people, run everywhere where everyone can see you and kill someone in plain site.

doesnt sound very assassin like, sounds more like Hitmans Creed. But AC does what it does well, it may need to be more immersive but its not a bad game.

though your comparison just proved you were a troll so i dont know why im feeding you

hot1112434d ago

Scripting has nothing to do with cutscenes.And you perfectly described Uncharted,scripted like crazy but the scripting is good and the game just flows.

AC on the other hand is nothing like that,it gives you choice,you can attack like a headless chicken or you can plan your attacks carefully. Or you can ignore everything and walk around the world and torment people.

kaveti66162434d ago

"if you know anything you would know that uncharted is about making you feel like your part of a movie, your actions are intergrated into these crazy dynamic scenes instead of just making you watch a cutscene."

So, script fest.

Uncharted is a fine game for people who don't really like being in control.

Silly gameAr2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Just because you have more "choice" doesn't always make for a funner gaming experience.

If calling Uncharted linear is the best you can come up with to try to bash the game, then Naughty Dog did their jobs well. Now, go call out 98% of the other games made for being linear.


You people and your pre-orders. This is a sad gen of gamers when you celebrate sales and pre-orders more then the game itself.

Nate-Dog2434d ago

Actually Assassins Creed is fairly linear, especially the first 2 games, and ACB was only a little less linear due to the side-missions you can do (and I use the term "missions" lightly there since buying and selling items and landmarks and stores, and doing things like taking down Borgia towers and sending assassins away to gain money isn't my idea of a side-quest or mission), and if you avoid those things the play time of the game itself and the main story is very small and you'll realise how linear it is.

Not that I'm particularly attacking it for that, but I find it astounding so many people treat AC as if it is an RPG or something while Uncharted is linear. UC is probably a fair amount more linear (I haven't played the games) but AC is linear too.