Saints Row: The Third "Funny Cinematic Scenes"

Some funny moments in Saints Row: The Third to feed your sense of humor.

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AbhishekGIS2404d ago

The autotune voice of Zimos is really cool. LOL

xer02404d ago

I got this game on pre-order.

It looks like hella fun... and a nice break from GTA/Fallout etc.

JoeCoolxD2404d ago

Looking back at Saints Row 1 now, and imagining their future games at the time, this wasn't what I expected. They've obviously gone off the deep end in to "funnyvill" where everything has to be a big joke. Making the game, one big joke. Litteraly, the game is just one big joke.

It used to be about the Saints and their fight for survival on the streets. Sure it was always more goofy in comparison to GTA, didn't take itself so seriously. But this? Air Strikes, canned drinks that make you a super Sayian, going one on one with an air carrier whilst on parachute?

I mean... Wtf? What at all in the slightest, tiniest, molecular level, does that have to do with being a gangster in the ghetto?

It seems to me that most people who're interest in this game have never played the first two, and with good reason, because it's a mockery to them, especially the first.
I'm happy they've got a new market, but Im not included in it.

undercovrr2404d ago

Well I for one love to laugh and am tired of all these games that take themselves too seriously with the WW3 or Post Apocalyptic setting. Saints Row 3 is an awesome change. Kind of like what would be if the creators of South Park would make a game.

vickers5002404d ago

I played the first two and loved them, and Saint's Row: The Third looks f*cking amazingly fun from what I've seen so far. Saint's Row is a fun sandbox game, it's not some serious story about the hardships and struggles of a gangster. People who play Saint's Row mainly play it for the fun sandbox elements and the humor.

JoeCoolxD2403d ago

Not me, I played it because I enjoyed the story and the characters. If I ever went off and just randomly beat the shit out of people it would only be on short occasion. From the videos I've seen on this however, there is no story. It's just simple, go out, kick someone in the nuts, shotgun a sucker, drop kick a ho, blow people up with huge fists, knick a car, crash it, then call in the air strikes.

If the game had some actual focus on story, or I'd seen one scrap of gameplay where someone just walked down a street without having to blow someone up I'd get it. But to have to weigh through the bullshit just to finish the third in a slowly failing saga, it's just not worth it.

As for Trey Parker and Matt Stone creating something like this. Only if they was on crack and way back at the first few series of South Park. They're not exactly seriouse now, but they don't go over the top just to try and make every little thing a joke. New series of South Parks got some pretty insightful stuff.

vickers5002403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

"Not me, I played it because I enjoyed the story and the characters"

Hmm, well that's surprising, but I can kind of get what you mean. Even though Saint's Row 2's story wasn't actually good, I was one of those people that enjoyed it, simply because the character customization was so deep that it felt extremely immersive, making me feel like a bad ass working his way to the top. But that's not the reason I bought Saint's Row 2 to begin with, I mainly bought it just to go around on rampages and f*ck things up having as much fun as I could.

And as far as I remember, there was no indication in the Saint's Row 2 videos to indicate that the story was going to be any good, so I would say hold off judgment until you actually play it, as SR3 may end up surprising you. Don't base your purchase off of videos though, as the videos only showcase new features of the game,but very little in terms of story. They're not going to advertise the serious parts in the videos anyways, because you would have to be already deep in the story to give a crap about them, so they show the funny over the top stuff instead as just a taste of the humor that's in the game.

"They're not exactly seriouse now, but they don't go over the top just to try and make every little thing a joke."

Apparently you haven't seen the abomination that is Human Cent-iPad. I love south park as well, but they aren't that far off from saint's row at times in terms of ridiculousness and unnecessary over the top jokes.