Battlefield 3 - First Level Xbox 360

The first level from the Battlefield 3 campaign (Direct feed)

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jack_burt0n2434d ago

is this without the texture pack??

Paradicia2434d ago

@[email protected]

Looks amazing! Too bad I have to wait until the 28th :(

JohnApocalypse2434d ago

I really, really, REALLY wished they'd release this game in Tuesday in Europe because I've got not college next week

Raider692434d ago

No the texture pack is on!!

SKullDugger2434d ago

The first video is with out the texture pack the second video is with the texture pack installed.

Bigpappy2434d ago

Wow! Dice has just change the way texture are done on 360 for the rest of its life span. Great job dice. I wonder if M$ will do this for Halo 4? or is it too late?

Wizziokid2434d ago

that what pretty fucking epic, bring on friday!

AngelicIceDiamond2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I'll be honest I was a little concerned for the Xbox version not looking up to par because I thought EA was gonna pull some kind of Activsion move on us for the Xbox version.

@disagrees Relaax its just an expression. I know EA would never ever drastically abandon one console like Activsion does, EA's far and above that.

MGRogue20172434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

If the Xbox 360 version looks *this* good.. One can only imagine with how the PlayStation 3 version looks. :P

The PS3 SPEs help out the GPU with the differed rendering so that can only leave the GPU with even more horsepower to burn.

@ below, well.. we'll soon find out when Digital Foundry & Lens of Truth release their face-off articles. I'm waiting in anticipation :D

JellyJelly2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Probably more or less identical.

@enkeixpress - Only difference I've heard them talk about is the shadows which might look bette on the PS3. And for comparisons I'd wait for Digital Foundry. Lens of truths aren't as in-depth or as good.

AngelicIceDiamond2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Very similar.

Paradicia2434d ago


They will look practically the same. Stop fooling yourself.

jack_burt0n2434d ago

you watching the same vid??! that looks like BF2 running on my gma900 netbook.

Ayepecks2434d ago

You're totally right. I expect the PS3 version to fart rainbows and give me money whenever I play it. I bet it will solve world hunger and the current economic downturn, too.

qwertyz2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

lol the rsx is weak compared to xenos which is why it needs help from the spes did you know that ? NO

the ps3 was designed this way; the rsx does basic rendering(geometry and texturing) while the cell does......just about everything else :/ the rsx doesn't have much horsepower compared to xenos some game devs(crytek, epic,bizarre creations) and even IBM have mentioned this but the cell is there to pick up the slack.

the 360s cpu can do some graphics calculations but not as much as the cell because its GPU was designed to handle most of the graphics operations(the ps3 was not designed this way).

IBM stated that the cell is better than xenon at particularly graphics calculations but the 360s gpu is very sophisticated compared to the ps3s gpu google it. sony does have the advantage of having better first party devs than MS but games like crysis 1,crysis 2, forza 4, gears 3,skyrim, RAGE show that the gap between both consoles is marginal at best but NO console game(including BF3 and UC3) look as good as crysis 2 pc running LOWEST settings LOL pathetic isn't it ?

but BF3 will look the same of both platforms(PC lowest settings with no v-sync 30fps at 1280x704 with smaller maps and lower player count) while the pc version will lok a generation ahead :) PC FTW!!! consoles have been outdated for 6 years now

you console fanboys need to stop worshipping pre-2006 technology and build pcs

kennyboy2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

NO console game(including BF3 and UC3) look as good as crysis 2 pc running LOWEST settings LOL pathetic isn't it ?

lol, we must have eyes that are also 6 years apart also

pc version will look a generation ahead on max settings and dx11 with a couple upgraded lighting effects and a few shadows yeah it will look a generation ahead

pre 2006 technology? yeah only in the time they came out, but as fart as the planning and brains it took to make them and how that calculates into the time of the tech? no this tech of ps3 and 360 are well up to date which is why the only pc games that can compete with any ps3 exclusives are games that aim for photorealism other than that pc games look a generation behind, if though unless you have proof of another game on pc without a photorealism aim that looks good, no crysis, no crysis 2 no crysis warhead, no bf3 no stalker, no arma 2 or 3, not even metro since that generally to me all these games are overrated still compared to ps3 exclusives but these are the only ones you pc nerds can try to compare to ps3 exclusives and they still look like cg compared to any of your pc games

death2smoochie2434d ago

DUDE. I am a PC gaming first and foremost but you keep posting the SAME things OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
Stop. It's annoying.

Mrmagnumman3572434d ago

stop fooling yourself and buy a gaming pc!

damnyouretall2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

man why do people think dice made 3 different versions? no they made 2, pc and a console port. this whole (mine is closer to the pc version than yours) bullshit is stupid. only difference between the ports are the lighting effects. and why are pc gamers in here? just stfu and go play your better version tuesday.

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news4geeks2434d ago

this game doesn't look fun at all...

M1chl2434d ago

Saying someone with Kinectimals avatar...

grailly2434d ago

I think it could be fun, but I don't get how people that are bashing CoD say this is good. It's basically the same.

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