Battlefield 3 UK pre-orders to unlock early on Origin?

The official UK release date for Battlefield 3 is October 28th, but if an email from EA themselves is any indication, those UK customers who pre-order the PC Limited Edition from Origin might be getting into the action a bit earlier.


UPDATE: Another reader has contacted the site to say that EA are sending out emails apologising for the confusion and clarifying that the original emails were mistakes and the release date is in fact the 28th.

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lorianguy2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Good stuff. If console gtamers pre-ordered the game online, they may get it a day earlier too.

Si-Fly2408d ago

They're talking about the Origin download service, as far as I know you can't download a copy of BF3 for consoles ...

lorianguy2408d ago

I mean hard copies are often delivered a day early as stores try to get them to you for release day.

MGRogue20172408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Well, I've pre-ordered my copy of BF3 from who to this day have *always* delivered my pre-ordered titles at least a day early.. except for CoD titles 'cause Activision personally tells them not to post their titles early.. so getting MW3 early would be a big no-no unfortunately.

If your in the UK & want the retail disc version of BF3 (Also Origin-enabled) at least one day early, That's the best site to pre-order from imo. :)

blaktek2408d ago

My pre-load mail says the game will launch on the 26th.

In France.

SH0CKW4VE2408d ago

I have a question people,

Is the Back to Karkland pack only available if you pre order or is it as standard in the limited edition?

blaktek2408d ago

The Karkand pack is part of the limited edition. The early unlock pack (physical warfare ?) is part of a pre-order deal.

But I don't think you'd be able to secure a limited edition without pre-ordering it.