Battlefield 3 On Xbox 360 Looks Phenomenal

A few short clips from the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 has been posted by a user on YouTube, and the effects featured in the video are something extraordinary.

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shodaime2312d ago

This game look awesome on both system. But damn that looks great

morganfell2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

Seriously? BF3 on the 360 looks great. Nevermind, I just looked at your post history. Anticonsolers are, if nothing else, quite predictable.

How does Gears of War 3 or Uncharted 3 look on the PC. Oh wait....

Iroquois_Pliskin2312d ago

Bubbles morganfell another awesome post.

2311d ago
Chuk52312d ago

Damn. Impressed, I am.

psb2312d ago

the PS3 version is going to look good as well.

da_2pacalypse2312d ago

yes, both version will look good. Always trust Dice to give all platforms an equally enjoyable experience.

PRHB HYBRiiD2312d ago

yeap im very happy with the console visuals looks amazing imo cant wait for monday!

MGRogue20172312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

Indeed.. and the PS3 version looks *EVEN MOAR* phenomenal thanks to the PS3's SPEs helping out with the deferred rendering which leaves the GPU to do other stuff. :P

FlareDReborn2312d ago

Prepare for the attack of the xbox fanboys guy...

damnyouretall2312d ago

and that must make you a fanboy of somethin cause youre already startin shit. kinda like what a fanboy does, ya know

Chuk52312d ago

Well this is someone playing the retail build, so well see if it does. I still think the pyrimad has the Pc way up top and ps3 and 360 below at parity.

qwertyz2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

according to dice they both look equally crappy(run at pc lowest settings)at 1280x704 with no v-sync, no texture filtering and smaller maps and player count

the ps3 uses spu based differed rendering while 360 uses tile based differed rendering

they are both the same thing but the ps3 version is simoly called spu based differed rendering because the differed rendering is done on SPU and NOT the gpu

the 360s gpu is much more advanced than the ps3s gpu(which is why the gpu can handle the differed rendering while with ps3 it must be done on spus) while the ps3s cpu is better at graphics calculations and simple physics than the 360s cpu but the 360 cpu does win in branch intensive operations ust so you know the 360s cpu can also help out with graphics operations and post processing effects just not as much as the cell because MS focused on putting more power into the gpu

even IBM stated that the cell is better for more things than xenon but that the 360s gpu is "very sophisticated" compared to the ps3s rsx.

Shaman2312d ago

Both consoles HAVE AF, do you know how crappy would textures, half feet from you look like if there was no AF?

And for the last time...BOTH VERSIONS have(infact ALL of them) TILLED BASED DEFERRED SHADING, but PS3 uses SPUs to do it, PC uses GPU with DX11 api and 360 uses Xenos(GPU). Lighting(number of lightsources) should be the same on all platforms, but consoles won't have dynamic global illumination and higher precision HDR.

humbleopinion2311d ago

Wow, that was sad. When you use big words which you don't even understand out of context, at least learn to spell them right. It's DEFERRED shading, not "differed"...

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The story is too old to be commented.