Batman: Arkham City Easter Eggs

VGB: As you’d expect with a game that is as large as Arkham City and took so long to make, developer Rocksteady has packed the world of Gotham with secrets and Easter Eggs.

Have you found any Easter Eggs in Batman: Arkham City?

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Pozzle2372d ago

Oh man, I laughed for a few good minutes when the Joker told that Lost joke. :D

Laxman2372d ago

I wouldnt say thats an Easter Egg, seeing as you have to find it for a riddler trophy.

firelogic2372d ago

The one I got early on was when you rescue the cops in a certain building, batman asks for the code word that gordon gave them. It was "sarah" which is a reference to batman year one.

SeraphimBlade2372d ago

I think after Joker mentions lost there's a chance you'll hear thugs saying "I forget, do they ever explain what the island WAS?"

I found some frequency on the radio. Tune it to the right place and you'll hear someone reading off numbers. I've found this twice and both of them were when I was supposed to be looking for Riddler frequencies. The first one was easy to decode (A = 1, B = 2, etc.) and says "I will return batman" I haven't figured out the second one though:
3 20 26 18 26 16 24 1 11 4 24 9 3 8 5 2 12 18 6 16 7 11 3 10 17 5 13 4 21 8

Any ideas?

JaredH2372d ago

I actually heard the thugs say that while gliding around randomly before the Joker even had his speech.

Paddy882372d ago

When you get to penguins museum one of the displays is Kitana from the Mortal Kombat series. When you press the audio button the penguin says something about not knowing where she came from but she killed 8 of his men before they got her.

This is a reference to the MK vs DC game

Pozzle2371d ago's actually one of R'as Al Ghul's assassins. She ends up being freed from the museum and you need to track her back to her hideaway.