Destructoid - Kinectimals: Now With Bears Review

Destructoid - I like cats but I love bears. How could you not love those rounded ears, that fuzzy face and little nub tail? I've been known to talk to bears. At bookstores I'll flip through bear picture books like some kind of addict. At zoos I giggle at their annoyed roars, somehow translating what would normally be seen as a dangerous warning as a call of affection toward me, as if to say "come over and scratch behind my ears, kind sir." Yes, I'm absolutely weak to cute animals, especially bears.

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fluffydelusions2436d ago

Forget BF3, Skrimm, and UC3. Kinectimals with bears is where it's at.

Tanir2436d ago

man, thank goodness MS dumped all that money into kinect instead of actual first party studios, we would totally be missing out.

xbox fans are right, the kinect is as amazing as they thought it was going to be when it was announced

nix2436d ago

i'll play this game.... everytime i need a bear hug. thanks MS. <3

jack_burt0n2436d ago

destructoid have found their calling.

NewVegasTroop2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

WTF?! they gave payday the heist 7.5 and they gave this and 8? not that i care about any of this games but it seems unconsistence

newleaf2436d ago

The Heist gets rated other similar games(shooters mostly), this is being rated against other games of its kind (sims pets, eyepet ect.) its a kids game, it is being rated as such.

STK0262436d ago

Were the games reviewed by the same person? If not, isn't it possible one person enjoyed more kinectimals than another enjoyed The Heist?

Have you played both games? And if so, would it be so hard for you to accept that someone other than you could actually enjoy this game more than Payday?

Reviews are subjective. If you were to ask me which is the better game between Gran Turismo 5/Forza 4 and Kane and Lynch 2 : Dog days, I'd say Kane and Lynch 2 because I don't like racing sims and I actually enjoyed the co-op in K&L2.

If you enjoy Payday, it's really all that should matter to you, who cares if someone else doesn't agree, game journalist or not.

NewVegasTroop2436d ago

wow buddy easy now, i said that i didn't care about ether game i just found it odd when i saw the N4G homepage, jeez man you take stuff to seriously....

from the beach2436d ago

Well that looks like another high quality Kinect exclusive getting well deserved scores.

JellyJelly2436d ago

Not according to the N4G mob lol. They don't want their kids to have fun.

InTheLab2435d ago

Why doesn't Jim Sterling ever review one of these games? The guy is all over major titles and has the nobodies doing Kinect kiddy games....

Another reason Destructiod shouldn't be taken seriously. It really is just one loud mouth and 6 interns...