Battlefield 3 leaked on PS3 and Xbox 360

PSX-Sense writes: Although it's only three more days untill the US release of Battlefield 3, and five untill the European release, several people have decided that it should be there now. Several torrent sites have leaked versions of Battlefield 3 now, meaning that numerous people are playing illegal versions of Battlefield 3 as we speak.

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fluffydelusions2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

But it's useless since you get no online pass unless all you want to do is play the SP campaign. It's things like this I'm actually glad there is an online pass so these idiot pirates cannot play it.

ZeroX98762315d ago

well, their goal is to play the game before it's official release. Online or not and They succeeded.
Even if they can't play online, it doesn't change the fact that they can play the game.

a couple of person could have get it in advance by error of a store. that happened to me many times before. Resonance of Fate at walmart, dynasty warrior 6 empires at HMV, etc.

Over the years, dev created the online pass, serial numbers, online sign-in and many other ways to block pirated copies. What pisses me off in all this is that we lost the ability to play Local area network in many games and the main reason is to block piracy by forcing gamers to sign in online.

So, we lost a lot of LAN support because of piracy.

egidem2315d ago

This was bound to happen. Such a highly anticipated game, sitting alone on a box in a factory, no one is watching...some people wouldn't resist the temptation to take one and slip it under the tshirt.

Iroquois_Pliskin2315d ago

oh well, online wont work so im good

xer02315d ago

I heard on this weeks Gametrailers that you'll need to download a patch for the game on day 1, because apparently - the game is a tad buggy on consoles.

red2tango2315d ago

If people torrent the ps3 version it still won't work because they don't have 3.60+ keys. 360 is another story.

AngelicIceDiamond2315d ago

Didn't MS update the 360 version to where no burn't discs aren't allowed to be played on the Xbox? Looks like they got through that update wow.

jetlian2315d ago

All a person with a modded system does is wait for a new update. MS can't force updates to an offline system

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The story is too old to be commented.