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Man got 27 imprisonment for killing infant during Video Game

A Tennessee man has been sentenced to 27 years in prison for killing his infant son because he bothered him during his video game. (Casual games, Culture)

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Pikajew  +   1012d ago
I love how they add the word videogame and make it like the videogames fault. The person was crazy and killed an infant, games had nothing to do with it. He would have done the same watching porn or a movie, nobody likes being botherd while relaxing.
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3GenGames  +   1011d ago
Kill baby while playing a videogame=WOAH GAMES ARE TERRIBLE AND TO BLAME.

Kill baby while playing farmville=WOAH THAT PERSON IS CRAZY.

See the big difference? It's the media bending it honestly. Not putting the person at fault at fault simply. The person who does that doesn't matter if they're playing games or not as games don't make people crazy like that. As for the sentence, well deserved although I might have made it an even 30 if not life...
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Angrymorgan  +   1011d ago
Yea, let's hope he wasn't eating a sandwich at the time cuz it would be the HAM's fault!
gamingdroid  +   1011d ago
Sure, but sounds like you guys are a little overly sensitive too.

The article is giving you a little extra background information. It's not like it is saying "all video gamers are crazy infant murderers".
lizard81288  +   1010d ago
Man kills baby because porno gave him blue balls...

*reads article*

"A Tennessee man"

Ah-well, That explains everything.

Also, why is it every time I read one of these articles, The best logical conclusion they can come up with for a baby to stop crying is to shake them?
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ChocolateGiddyUp  +   1010d ago
Did you guys read the story?

"Johnston gave a written statement saying he became irritated when the infant was crying in his bassinet, interfering with Johnston's playing of video games"

They're not bending anything. This sick bastard gave his excuse for what he did, and the AP reported on it. There's no spin here.
zeal0us  +   1012d ago
where the **** is the mother(baby's mother) in all of this?
Tanir  +   1011d ago
work? store,? mothers house? plenty of places possible, it would normally be fine to leave the baby with the father, cuz well he is the father.

but not in this case, heck even if she was there he probably beat his wife too
enkeixpress  +   1011d ago
Say what.. 27 years? That's not good enough imo, He should be in there for life.

My Condolences go out to the mother..
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IRetrouk  +   1011d ago
no he should be made to suffer, slow and painfull, i hope he gets shanked in prison, its more than fair, i couldnt imagine harming my children, my little girl is constantly pushing my eject button on my consoles while i play, the fella is evil and dosnt deserve to get to just chill in a cell.
rabidpancakeburglar  +   1011d ago
How the hell does a one month old baby bother you during a game? By crying? When the baby is crying, you look after it not aggressively shake it. This man is clearly very disturbed and 27 years is pretty lenient for such a horrendous crime.
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bozebo  +   1011d ago
No details about what game he was playing :O

It must have been dance central or something then.

The nutter needs more than 27 years tbh.
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ShottySnipa417  +   1011d ago
27 years is probably the nicest sentence I have ever heard for something like this. The people who sentence it must be drunk friends with this asshole...
PooEgg  +   1011d ago
So now we get to pay more taxes to support another piece of worthless crap. Crimes against children should result in instant death. There are no excuses for harming an innocent child and our laws need to change. Let's stop protecting the rights of criminals and start protecting the victims instead.
bozebo  +   1011d ago

But capital punishment is a lot more expensive on the state :(
DarkBlood  +   1010d ago
by removing this criminal rights
(for which im not familiar with since i have clean record and no intention of ever having a first crime act of any kind)

your essientally asking for human rights to be thrown out the window indirectly because thats what we all are humans once that is gone alot of people will go rampant i think
Sucitta  +   1011d ago
this is what happens in a greed infested money based world. Uneducated poor people do things like this everyday. All because of money. Nothing will ever change, only get worse.

In the time it took to write this post, 1900 kids died somewhere else in the world, do you give a fuck? nope...

and all cause of $$$, nothing else.
dredgewalker  +   1011d ago
Just 27 years for killing an infant? He should be shot 27 times in the head. People like him aren't gonna change so it's useless to keep them alive in jail. How many times have we seen these types of criminals get out of jail and do the same things or even worse? The people who sentence these animals should be made accountable if ever they get out of prison and do the same things again.
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dinkeldinkse  +   1011d ago
Why wasn't this piece of shit killed?
He killed an infant.
svoulis  +   1011d ago
Hm, I guess when all else fails you point the finger, Just cause he went like 3-27 in COD because his kid NEEDED attention, he'd rather violently shake the baby. HM, wonder if that's really all he ever did to the poor infant.
Bimkoblerutso  +   1011d ago
Wonderful. Now according to the media, killing babies is a part of our ever-growing repertoire of potential crimes as gamers...despite the fact that I can't even IMAGINE myself doing something this horrific.
MasterD919  +   1010d ago
27 years is too short for this one.

Beat him silly with his own console.
BuffMordecai  +   1010d ago
Hope this fucker gets raped and killed in prison.
Killman  +   1010d ago
My problem with a lot of these comments that the anger is amplified just because of victim age (Infant! OH NO!) Someone should be brutally charged no matter the age of the victim.

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