Battle of Batman VS. Spiderman

Addict of Fiction writes:
"I don’t know about you, but I believe there is something suspicious going on surrounding these two characters. I had a tiny hint about it when I saw a commercial on television that was promoting the video game “Spider-Man: Edge of Time.”"

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zeal0us2342d ago

Batman got the gadgets, martial arts and etc

Spiderman got abnormal str, web and can cling to walls, plus the spidey sense....also doesn't know when to shut up sometimes.

I think Batman could Spiderman spidey sense against him....but I don't know.

Pikajew2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Spiderman is a genius and made web shooters from basically no money, while Batman gets all his stuff from his money.

And Spiderman was able to knock out the hulk in one punch

Batman will need lots of prep to win

Spitfire_Riggz2341d ago

The reason why spiderman is my favorite hero is because he doesnt live an easy life like a lot of superheroes.

He struggles to pay rent sometimes like we do.

Arnon2341d ago

Batman took down Superman. Nuff said.

Northtouch2341d ago


Umm yeah.... With a kryptonite ring.... Which renders superman ALOT weaker.

I think Batman is a badass and i preffer him more as a character but in terms of this... Actually spiderman would own.

Arnon2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

So what if he used a ring? Only an idiot super hero believes he can win by just running into a fight. Spider-Man is smart, but Bruce Wayne is a damn genius, who is fluent in over 5 different martial arts, has a genius level I.Q., is the greatest detective in the world, is the peak physical and mental condition a human being can be at, has more gadgets than Spider-Man could swing a stick at, and much more.

If Batman can take down Solomon Grundy, Crock, Bane, and Superman, I'm pretty sure he can take down Spider-Man. There's a reason why most of the comics in the DC universe revolve around Batman. It's because he's f**king Batman.

jlar2341d ago

I don't know if anyone noticed............but these superheroes aren't real. So maybe, just maybe these make-believe arguments are pointless.

Getowned2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Batman was once called by Superman "The most dangerous human on earth"

Siderman needs powers with out them hes is just a helpless nerd,Batman is a genius,Combat expert,with no super powers just his wit.

Batman actually make a manual on how to take down ever member of the justic leage and kill them in the most painfull way possible in case they ever went yeah if batman can be superman I don't think spiderman could stand a chance.

besides siderman died in Old Man Logan lol I say we do a Wolverne VS Siderman... By The way awesome book for anyone wanting to get into comics or has never read one but wants to once in there life read Wolverine:Old Man Logan and The Dark Knight Returns I will keep saying this until everyone on N4G owns these comics...Yes they are that good.


Maybe you could just not suck all the fun out of the room >;o Rofl

antz11042340d ago

So when Spider-man can recite the chemical makeup of bleach on the fly, Batman would be ten steps ahead as to what to do in the fight being such a master tactician.

Batman FTW......unless its the George Clooney version:/

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LackTrue4K2341d ago

Movies and Games (the most resent ones) Batman wins, cartoons spider man.

Jamzluminati2341d ago

Batman + 10 mins of prep time = Batman wins.

I guess you all have forgotten that "Batman is the most dangerous man on Earth." - Superman

Also Batman could kill EVERYONE in the Hall of Justice if he wanted to. There's a comic that even shows this almost happening, but Bats didn't get to do it, a villain did.

Brownghost2341d ago

That was justice league tower of babel where it was talia al Goul killing the heroes

BlackSharinganX2341d ago

its not a battle at all, batman will own

ThichQuangDuck2341d ago

How did this article get approved there has been no comparisons raised between edge of time and arkham city and this more discusses the movies. Which is something different entirely trying to start a flame war about movies on a videogame site

Akiba962341d ago

spider-man would kill batman

DarkBlood2341d ago

i would agree to an extent due to the agility of spiderman but im sure batman will find a way as always

Akiba962341d ago

you could just as easily say the same thing about spiderman. he always finds a way to win. every superhero always finds a way to win...

looza2341d ago

batman always find a way to win!!! but he wont kill spidey. nor will spidey kill him. u know how superhero is.

Kalowest2341d ago

Idk, anything is possible, Spider-man can hold his own against The Hulk.

Yukicore2341d ago

Batman never kills his targets, remember? But really Batman is a human, but spider man is almost like an immortal which can climb walls without any need of gadgets like batman, but Batman could be a hard target to him. And if we are talking about games and movies not actual VS fight between them Batman wins it by far.

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sashimi2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Don't people is the strongest super power of all ! Batman wins hands down.

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