Call of Duty Double XP Across The Whole Franchise Next Week (

ThisisXbox writes: "Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward has confirmed that for the first time in Call of Duty history - a double XP event is being rolled out across the whole franchise for games which have Prestige Mode."

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S_C2461d ago

A cleaver way to try and distract people from the BF3 release. It's a good week/end for us FPS fans BF3 release and double xp

FlareDReborn2461d ago

Lmfao Activision really is trying to distract people from BF3. They fail.

crazyclown2461d ago

people who chose double xp...are dumb

Revvin2461d ago

Is it really much of a choice to make? Battlefield 3 or double XP on a game thats been out nearly a year and most people are sat comfortably at level 50 on whatever prestige level they got bored at.

GraveLord2461d ago

Millions of people aren't buying Battlefield 3. They just don't care. Sorry.

Anyway they're doing double XP across all COD games because if you prestige in each game you get a prestige token to use in Modern Warfare 3's Prestige Shop.

GroundsKeeperJimbo2461d ago

Its always about BF3 with you...

Revvin2461d ago

Even more reason to stay away from CoD next weekend as the whole weekend will be taken up with XP glitchers.

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