Cliffy B loves Mass Effect universe “more than Star Wars”

Cliff Bleszinski has been speaking about some of his personal favourite games. Among them Mass Effect, which Cliffy says he loves “more than Star Wars.” Oh – and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.

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fluffydelusions2339d ago

Mass Effect kind of reminds me of Star Wars like Uncharted reminds me of Indiana Jones

IrishAssa2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Ah..double post

MaxXAttaxX2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

I didn't get a Star Wars vibe from Mass Effect. I thought it was a bit more Star Trek-like. Nor did Uncharted remind me of Indiana Jones.
There's no way you could play through Uncharted 2 and think "Oh, it reminds me of Indiana Jones".

guitarded772339d ago

I always said, the Mass Effect is the best, most realized universe created since the Star Wars universe. I still prefer Star Wars though... but Mass Effect is amazing in its own right.

Saladfax2339d ago


How can the Uncharted series *not* remind you of Indiana Jones when it and other adventure films like it were cited as big influences on development?

Uncharted is a great franchise, but good lord it's pretty darn obvious where they grabbed ideas from. Heck, Amy Hennig said they drew influence from stuff like The Goonies, National Treasure, and The DaVinci Code in addition to Indiana Jones.

IrishAssa2339d ago

Nathan ya gotta be joking about that statement, they even had an ad with Harrison ford in it...I wonder why?

Diver2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Depends on what you define as universe. The most realized universe I seen is Eve Online. Then again I am specific and discussing interstellar travel commerce and warfare in space. Course this will likely encompass so much more when Dust 514 comes online and we get ground combat.

Many people dont know the breadth of Eve Online. The universe is so vast you can fit Mass Effect into over and over again. And it's character creator shames any other game.

They have a new trailer as well:


Butterfly Effect:

The Character Creator:

Wenis2339d ago

Now all they need to do is make a Mass Effect in the Star Wars universe

jeseth2339d ago

A videogame that has been around for 3-4 years vs. a cultural Icon and phenomenon that is almost 35 years old and is stringer now then when it debuted.

Mass Effect is nothing compared to Star Wars. A game that started out with promise to only have a overhyped sequel vs. the most popular moves in American history with dozens of novels continuing the story and universe, tv series, comics, videogames, etc.

Star Wars wipes its a$$ with Mass Effect and Skywalker would destroy Shephard without moving a finger. The thought of Mass Effect vs. Star Wars actually angers me that someone, not just Cliffy, would even begin to argue that Mass Effects weak ass 4 year old history could compete with Star Wars' legacy.

Solidus187-SCMilk2338d ago

Nathan Drake is a India Jones type character, looting treasures and making wise ass remarks.
Mass effect is kind of a star wars type story, but you get to choose your own path.

I think mass effect is far better than the most recent 3 starwars movies, but I love the first 3 movies soooo much, and such starwars games as Dark forces 2: jedi knight, shadows of the empire, and X-wing V.s. TIE fighter are some of the best games ever that the little kiddies dont know about. Even jedi power battles is BAD ASS. Super starwars??? AWESOME

humbleopinion2338d ago

Wenis, ever heard about Knights of the Old Republic?
It's obvious why Mass Effects reminds people of Star Wars: Bioware previously did their take on a Star Wars game, and then created a spiritual successor in their own original universe. The whole "mass effect" biotic powers are simply the in universe alternative of "the force"...

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IrishAssa2339d ago

KOTOR > Mass effect.

Specially the story, the story and backround of Kotor is better than the movie's story

NukaCola2339d ago

The original KOTOR is something I have yet seen replicated from Bioware. That is there best RPG in my opinion and one of the best games ever made.

People can disagree with you but if yolu can't explain why, it's hard to believe you have even played it. I had it on the original Xbox and it still is memorable, more than Mass has been for me. And I love the Mass universe as well.

JBaby3432339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

I've heard great things about KOTOR and would like to experience it but I absolutely despise RPGs. I get so bored and wish I could control my character and do what I want. I'm sorry I miss out on the stories though. I wish SWTOR wasn't an MMORPG. I want simulation-based gameplay so it can control/play like the trailers.

P.S. I didn't disagree with either of you.

gillri2339d ago

not me for me ME is better than KOTOR never mind ME2

its universe is soo much more compelling

otherZinc2339d ago

I agree completely!

The Mass Effect Universe can go on for a very long time. Cant wait to play ME3.

Halo Universe is the same, there is a tremendous amount of story to be told.

GodKing13372338d ago

Why would someone disagree on a potential of a universe?

theonlylolking2339d ago

Mass Effect is like star trek with more action.

ECM0NEY2339d ago


ME has Biotics. SW has the force. Both are used like telekinesis most of the time.

Shackdaddy8362339d ago

It reminds me more of Star trek than Star Wars.

Anyways, I personally don't like it more...

For me it's:Star Wars>Star Trek>probably something else here>Mass Effect

frostyhat1232339d ago

Star wars is average at BEST.

Shackdaddy8362339d ago

Nah. I don't think so. The prequels were but nothing can beat the originals.

jeseth2339d ago

The prequels are an abortion.

Episodes 4-6 are magic and the novels taht continue and expand the galaxy and lore are incredible.

showtimefolks2339d ago

even after 2 and now on to 3rd game. I think we will see more ME games in the future maybe more of a MMO

but i would like bioware to continue to make single player ME games and i will continue to buy them

Darkfiber2339d ago

Mass Effect is much more akin to Star Trek, in my opinion, but I would have to agree with him on this. Now, perhaps if the fabled Star Wars HBO series ever gets released, it will be more in the vein of Mass Effect, but right now I prefer the feel and tone of Mass Effect more than Star Wars.

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green2339d ago

I agree. Mass Effect reminds me more of Star Trek anyway.

lzim2338d ago

indeed. But I think it is closer to Stargate than Star Trek.

Star Wars/Sesame Street < Mass Effect/Stargate

Sadly either Cliff himself or Epic in general don't give a crap about 'space', or anatomically correct representations of human characters so one has to wonder if he's in the closet about his ME presence or just incapable of translating that into an Epic IP for mature audiences.

DA_SHREDDER2339d ago

Cliffy B, the more things you say, the less respect real gamers have for you.

HardCover2339d ago

Real gamers don't troll N4G, so I don't know what you're talking about.

Cliffy B is usually pretty lame, but I agree with him here. I'm not a fan of science fiction. Star Wars doesn't interest me, yet I could read the Mass Effect codex all day and wish there was more.

omi25p2339d ago

Really? So saying he prefers a game to a movie means he loses respect from gamers.

I dont think you know what your talking about

Brownghost2339d ago

this guy just wants attention, and mass effect is a great universe

MysticStrummer2339d ago

Your comment makes no sense. He cares that N4G is a second home to worthless articles like this, not what Cliffy B thinks. The fact that you have any agrees is funny.

Perjoss2339d ago

I care, so I guess your comment is a bit fail.

MysticStrummer2339d ago

The fact that you care what fantasy universe Cliffy B prefers is more than a bit fail. After the last three SW movies I'm sure a lot of people like a lot of things better than SW.

Perjoss2339d ago

I'm sorry that I like Cliffy and the games he makes, what was I thinking.

MysticStrummer2339d ago

Maybe you'll be lucky and get to find out what his favorite color is later.

Objective2339d ago

Mystic must be one of the girls Cliffy didn't want to sleep with in high school.

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