Golden Joysticks 2011: Fallout: NV gets Best RPG

What game has won Best RPG at the 2011 Golden Joystick Awards? We'll give you a clue - it's set in a post-apocalyptic world full of bugs. Yep, it's Fallout: New Vegas.

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Pintheshadows2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

There is no way to type the disgusted look on my face right now.

The Witcher 2 eat NV for breakfast after it has defiled his wife.

Neckbear2464d ago

Except The Witcher 2, as good of a game it was, didn't even match the amount of role-playing, character-building, choice-picking and good writing that New Vegas had.

As it goes, New Vegas was by far the better "RPG".

Pintheshadows2464d ago

I understand what you are saying but I cannot agree. I liked NV but it had many flaws. Yes it has many staples of the genre but in throwing everything but the kitchen sink in I feel it suffered. Nothing in the game was exceptionally executed.

The Witcher 2 is a far tighter affair with fantastic combat and an unbelievable crafting system. It's also a far more attractive game to become immersed in. Much more focused and brilliantly executed next to NV which is a game that has myriad of technical flaws.

And you think NV has good writing? In comparison to what, Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic?

Obviously this is all just my opinion and i'm just sharing my side. I can't agree with you on the "good" writing though.

C_Menz2464d ago

Witcher 2 really did deserve it.

Motorola2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

I liked New Vegas a lot. Congrats to Obsidian and Bethesda. It wasn't that buggy on PC, on consoles the most recent patch made it playable.

M1chl2464d ago

New Vegas is one of my favoritegame of this generation. Have to say, that I love Obsidian games. I don't care what others thing, this games is in my TOP 5 and I spent in Mojave Wasteland about 200 hours of great fun, without any problem since launch of the game...maybe I am lucky but this one of few games I really love : )

Adrieono2464d ago

New Vegas was more of a Fallout 3.5

sonicsidewinder2464d ago

Naw. It was more the Fallout 3 that should have been.

Eiffel2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

As a fan who has played all the previous games, I have to say I enjoyed Fallout 3 far more than New Vegas, while Fallout 3 put you in a linear plot path, New Vegas just didn't have an enthralling story as good as Fallout 3. Fallout 3 had one of the best introductions I've seen in a game, you're there from a baby to child to a teenager leaving the vault. New Vegas just threw you into the shoes of a courier shot point blank in the head. I wasn't as attached to New Vegas as I was with Fallout 3.

And as far as the DLC goes, Fallout 3's was better by a mile. Way more colorful variety in location and setting.

sonicsidewinder2464d ago

I agree to F3 having the 'wow factor' when you first start playing.

I just found NV to be more the complete package.

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The story is too old to be commented.