Postal 3: Catharsis coming to the PC on December 10th

DSOGaming writes: "Running with Scissors’ CEO, Vince Desi, revealed that the PC version of Postal 3: Catharsis will be released on December 10th. In addition, the company will hold an official release party for the game’s release – in the very same date – in Germany. On the other hand, those lucky ones living in Russia will be able to enjoy the PC version one month earlier, as the game is slated for release in Russia on November."

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ArchBeast2192d ago

Postal.. pre-order list expanded

Blackdeath_6632192d ago

lol thought it said portal XD.

PS: BTW what the f*** is postal never heard of it

Jio2192d ago

Sad fact is it probably will. I'm buying it but most average gamers have forgotten about postal.

SuspendedSphere2192d ago

I don't think anyone here or anywhere expects this game to be a multi million seller. None of the other Postal games were, I really don't see this changing now.

But, even if I am the only one who purchases a copy I'll enjoy peeing on dead people and then lighting them on fire....that's we we play games right?

fluffydelusions2192d ago

The first one was kind of cool, but that was about it. I want to see a new NOLF game.

TopDudeMan2192d ago

I read the title of the game wrong... Damn.

49erguy2192d ago

I thought it was Portal 3 too :)

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The story is too old to be commented.