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After four and a half years comes Rage. ID Software have gone too far?
Version tested PC and Playstation 3.
Id Software definitely does not need any introduction, the last house is not born in this world of video games. Id Software is the house that gave birth to Doom, Wolfenstein, Quake, securities representing the history of video games and despite some stumbling in his "recent" past, his resume is filled with great assurance, and quality. Thanks to John Carmack, gaming guru and with the support of an Engine owner who arrives just in this latest version of the fourth, Texas home is one of the most important houses in this generation of gaming.

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gamernova2370d ago

All the other reviewers are sipping on that haterade. I have the PC version and I am not going to lie, the textures do bother me but ID said it was going to fix it and I trust them to do so. Sure, I am not going to buy any of their games after how they said they no longer prioritized what game them their fame but hey, Rage is good :)

Brownghost2370d ago

Pc version should have been the priority

gamernova2370d ago

Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree dude.

Sexual_Hrrsmnt_Panda2370d ago

Sorry but Rage is not good. It is beyond terrible and deserves below 50%

dirthurts2370d ago

Play it, then come back and say that.
It's a good game.
The textures are what they are but the gameplay is boss.

Brownghost2370d ago

Exactly, good gameplay wise but not technical wise