New Skyrim Gameplay Footage Reveals Some New Details...

Shaun McInnis and Giancarlo Varanini take a look at some new footage from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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ArchBeast2461d ago

3 weeks left! cant wait to get my hands on this one. I would play Elder Scrolls 4 again, but I've completed every little quest in there, so it's kinda worn out already

Jerome_Dovahkiing_52461d ago

same and why didnt you approve it?

Legion2460d ago

You need to learn how to properly link a video. This post should be locked soon enough for having no proper link to the video in question!

TrevorPhillips2461d ago

I cannot wait for this game, when I was out today with mates to get something to eat all we were talking about was Skyrim and how we wont see each other for 4 years or more lool because the amount of time we are going to play this game.

Btw, they are not tree people but Spriggans lool

11/11/11 :)

Blackdeath_6632461d ago

omg he called the frost dragon shout a spell what a noob

Legion2460d ago

He said the dragon shouts were ESSENTIALLY spells. Which they are essentially seeing that they are an arcane form of magic that was prominently used in Tamriel.

IrishAssa2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

He said it was being dual wielded as well. No it wasn't, i'm surprised how little these 'professionals' know about a game this big

Oh and also, the dragons don't come in Thundra only as the Vid suggests, the only place they aren't is any cell with a roof on it. There are vids of them on mountains too

Legion2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

His talk of dual wielding wasn't in relation to the dragon shout from what I saw. They talked of dual wielding at the beginning of the segment and the dragon shout references were near the end.

As for the Thundra... it was a question on their part of where you will see the dragons as they have only seen them so far in open areas such as the Thundra. (mountain would be open area such as the Thundra)

They actually had quite a lot of information about the game... and at no point did I see any claim of them being professionals of any sort? I wasn't aware of the level designers being used for dungeons, which is a good thing hopefully to get some more interesting dungeons in the game.

I thought the video was well done and have no idea why people are noobing the commentary for no reason?

IrishAssa2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Watch again then, he's clearly refering to the frost spell which is not a spell, and it's not in the other hand as he is suggesting.

As for the Thundra, no he means thundra, that's what he said, only in these "open thundra area's". He wondered which parts of the world they would be in, the thundra is only a fraction of the world 1 seventh or eight. They are in every open area, not the thundra. He thinks they have only been seen in big flatland areas.

Then "I am not sure..but this....this might be a dragon wall". Yes it clearly is as anyone who has been looking at any vids on Skyrim since E3 would know it is a dragon wall. Since the dragon wall was in every gameplay demo for months

Oh and tree people? Anyone who's played an Elder scrolls game would know what that is.

The level designer thing is in recent news too, but that was fine in the vid, they knew some crap about that.

Not saying the vid is complete crap, but this is Gamespot yeah? Then why don't they know much about the game? The most basic info that has been emphasized for months and these guys can't tell the difference.

Legion2459d ago

Ok, I get you, I even wasn't aware that he was shouting instead of tossing a spell. I should have seen that his hand wasn't up like it usually is when in spell mode. Noticed it when he froze the girl and had a torch in the left hand. Easy thing to not notice... but again he wasn't saying that dragon shouting was dual wielded. He just mistook the dragon shout for a spell which even I did by looking at that video.

Ha... I have played every Elder Scroll game and I call them the Tree People too. I see the same type of enemy in the Two Worlds games and Dragon Age and I call them the same. I am not one to use the stupid character names that games give me. If it looks like a rock I call it a rock... I don't call it pyrite just because that might be it's name. His buddy even has a humorous question of "tree people?" and he smartly said.. "tree people" again when questioned about it. I would have to look up their name as I don't even recall what they are really called. ha

I watched the video again and yes he says that he has only seen videos so far of dragon's in the open tundra area but doesn't make a point that they can only be found there, he is wondering how often they will show up in other areas. Note: I haven't seen too many Skyrim videos myself and have seen another dragon in some battle over a building structure and in a situation coming out of a dungeon and running up on some giants herding some animals and then the dragon attacked. (wasn't aware the actual location of either of the dragons though)

Yes some of the mistakes might should have been maybe caught prior to production but not sure there is the same type of fact reading for video reviews for mistakes as they do with written media? Over all I enjoyed the snippet though.

I was just lucky someone posted the link as the poster of this video did an awful job of linking this post to an actual video.

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Scizz2461d ago

those dudes are noobs.

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