Enterbrain President Predicts Final Fantasy XIII-2 Will Sell Less Than FFXIII

Despite being the first game in the series to launch simultaneously on the PS3 and 360 in Japan later this year, Final Fantasy XIII-2 still may not manage to outsell it’s predecessor. This prediction was made by Koichi Hamamura, President of Enterbrain, during a industry seminar in Japan earlier this month.

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Tanir2406d ago

yeah even if the game was better it would sell less.

that thing made so many haters lol. will still sell well though

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wicko2406d ago

The sad thing is that they'll think "Well I guess people don't like towns and open ended RPGs after all!" and no one will be around to say "No, it's just a shit game".

Bereaver2406d ago

Honestly, I wouldn't doubt it. But I would hope that someone around there would be smart enough to understand the real reason behind the low sells.

specialguest2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

For some of us, the love affair with the FF series ended after FF13. FF used to be the must buy rpg for me. Now I'm left wondering what the hell are they doing with this series and the direction they're taking it?

manman62405d ago

Well, if they release Verse 13 they wouldn't have to worry about their game selling.

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richierich2406d ago

I would rather if they made Final Fantasy VII-2

Tanir2406d ago

they did, Advent children takes place after, Dirge of Cerberus takes place after advent children, and LONG time ago they announced Endless Crisis which was supposed to finish the story since at the secret ending of Dirge Genesis was still alive. A homage to cloud having to finish zacks fight i suppose. but yeah

The final part of the compilation needs to come out and finish the story, because im pretty sure Genesis is going to wreck crap

Pozzle2406d ago

Isn't Genesis a good guy by the time Dirge of Cerberus ends? I can't remember if it was mentioned in the game or one of Square's random interviews, but IIRC Genesis is now the Planet's protector...or something like that.

Which is a bit of a shame. I think Genesis had the potential to be a great character and an even better villain. But instead, Square decided to screw around with the original FFVII plot (Genesis being the one who pushed Sephiroth into insanity. WTF!) and made Genesis into a boring one-dimensional character in the process (we get it, you love Loveless! What are your other interests?!)

Pozzle2406d ago

If they do make a new FFVII game, I hope it's a huge RPG that allows you to explore the entire FFVII world. None of that Dirge of Cerberus shooter crap that only isolates you to a couple of bland locations. A proper RPG sequel set in the FFVII world would be amazing.

Lucreto2406d ago

I am still getting it. I liked FF XIII and the change in direction it took.

Zir02406d ago

Well obviously, but it will definitely sell more than FFX-2 sold compared to FFX.

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