The next Xbox: What Bethesda wants

OXM UK: "You'd expect Bethesda to be anxious for another round of console hardware. We are, after all, talking about the publisher of Rage, a shooter whose graphical treats soak up three Xbox 360 discs, and the developer of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, an RPG of CPU-busting environmental breadth and depth."

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NewZealander2463d ago

Bethesda is struggling to make a playable game as it is, can you imagine the buggy mess they would make on next gen consoles?

Bigpappy2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Relax dude. Bethesda is the best open world develoment studio in the industry. When you find someone that come close to the detail, in such open games, I would reconsider your pointless comment.

NewZealander2463d ago

when they make a open world game that actually functions well then i will agree with you, i know people that are flat out refusing to buy skyrim just because of there terrible track record, being burnt by fall out new vegas on ps3 was the last straw.

MitchellK2463d ago


bethesda didnt develop new vegas..

tehgam3r2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )


Which game/s have they've been struggling with?

evrfighter2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

so NewZealander is boycotting Bethesda because of a game they didn't develop

lol stay classy my friend

Pikajew2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I have to disagree. When I was playing Oblivion the whole world felt dull and there were grassy fields everywhere with small forests. They should have added more, like rocky mountains and made the snow area bigger.

Rock Star makes the best worlds

Same goes with Fallout, the whole world felt the same

BlmThug2462d ago

they are ONE of the best not the best

NewZealander2462d ago


the game was developed by both Obsidian Entertainment and
Bethesda Game Studios, bethesda is also the publisher for UK and US, maybe look these things up before commenting.


@ Pikajew

You do realise that oblivion was suppose to be a launch game for the 360 or at least was suppose to launch within a few weeks of the 360's launch. It got delayed by a few months and came out the following year. basically it was their first attempt on the hardware.

Now look at all the things you have listed you wanted to see in oblivion and take a look at skyrim.

I do agree with you that R* make the best open worlds so far this gen, but what skyrim is doing now has put it just about right next to R* in my book. I mean I can't say for sure because I have not played it yet. Reading about all the dynamic stuff it's doing though has put them right on top especially when you look at rpg worlds.

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Eiffel2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I honestly can't think of an open world game that DOESN'T have bugs or glitches. I'm still amazed people don't see the difficulty of quality control with this genre.

SITH2463d ago

If they consider the code powering skyrim to possibly be in nascent form, then I cannot imagine what it will look like on 72o. Because it looks damn great on the 36o right now.

Bolts2463d ago

Is it that hard to image? Just look at the same game on the PC today with a mod here and there installed and BAM, you're transported to a future earth where the Xbox 720 is out and you're playing Skyrim in "HD".

Laxman2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Actually, wait a few weeks, until the launch date of 11/11/11, and you can play Skyrim in HD on an Xbox. Herp derp.

Edit: Oh, just read your name haha. Your comment makes sense now.

MitchellK2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )


skyrim on 360 and ps3 isnt 1920x1080, and his mod comment no matter what his name is, is true, i have oblivion on pc and with mods for textures and lighting the graphics would stand up to a recently released game. so why do you disagree? Mods also add hours of extra gameplay.

I agree graphics dont make a game and i have a ps3, but if u can get the same game on either console or pc the choice is obvious. if ur pc isnt good enough to play it, then console is perfectly fine.

PS4OUR2463d ago

There alot of talk about the next Xbox in the news recently. I smell something coming and coming sooner than we think.

nowish2463d ago

Please Bethesda..
Stick to PC, it's where you started everything, and where the game can be used to it's full potential. Don't favouritize the xbox -.-

Messatsu2902462d ago

Hopefully with next gen hardware they wont recycle the exact same textures and setting for each dungeon.. All they do is change the layout while each dungeon looks the same.. When I heard them say skyrim has 100s of dungeons I knew it was going to be no different...

Balcrist2462d ago

Every dungeon is hand crafted by both level designers and graphic artists...

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