Grand Theft Auto 3 Is 10 Years Old Today

GTA 3 was released on the 22nd of October 2001, but it wasn't the huge success everyone thinks it is. In fact, when it first launched no one cared, there was no advertising campaign and there was no reviews either. No one cared that a new GTA had been released.

Casually Hardcore looks back at the launch of Grand Theft Auto 3 and how it became the huge success it is today.

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gravemaker2408d ago

no one cared? all my friends and i cared

CasuallyHardcore2407d ago

When it launched most gamers and even fans of the gta series were not interested. Put it down to poor screenshots, press previews and other games making the leap to PS2 being extremely under whelming. Lucky for everyone it went to sell millions and bring take2 out of near bankruptcy.

Bull5hifT2407d ago

I cared i remember i had given my friend all my allowance for weeks cause he worked at KB toys and he delivered it to my house and i was soo friggen excited it was a Masterpiece, i was eagar to play it cause i enjoyed Driver 2 on ps1 , and i saw all those trailers... Even my friend found it strange why i was reaLly looking forward to playing it, few weeks later they would be enlightened by the crowd going out and buying it

mastershredder2407d ago

Umm, GTA3 was a big deal on many levels and gamers (your audience) did care (for many reasons. Saying no one cared is way misleading. Hell, at that time most PS2 games were not meet with huge public release reception, that does not mean they did not care. Let's not forget how hard if was to get a ps2 months after launch, effecting the install base. Advertising and marketting were not Rockstar's strong points back then (Oni is a great example). That all changed when Vice City came to be.

I never saw/heard the bad press, bad screen shots and uninterested GTA fans you mention here. Not sure where that is getting pulled from. Dailyradar (was huge back in the day), diehardgamefan (the real one), gamepro, electronic gaming monthly, etc. both the magazines and their online counterparts had plenty of great coverage and good things to say.

If you want to give a history leason loose the assumptions.

ATi_Elite2407d ago


simply one of the greatest games ever. It changed gaming forever. Open world, Social issues, violence, reactive A.I. and HOOKERS!

Solidus187-SCMilk2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

yeah thats funny, I remember buying GTA 3 right after if first came out, and all my friends would want to come over and play it. Then they all got a ps2 and gta 3 after playing it at my house because it was so awesome.

I remember the guy at the mall Babages would't sell it to me because I was only 14 so I had to have my mom come in and buy it for me, LOL.

I remember it getting really good reviews too, and I even remember the previews in EGM and gamepro. Back then this game was something very new and exciting, I remember being hella excited to get this game when it came out.

I think he says there wasnt much interest for it because not many people had PS2s back then maybe? because I remember when it first came out being really hyped and running out to buy it right away, all my friends who had PS2 got it right away too. I think that this game really picked up more steam as the PS2 went on, but it was huge right when it arrived for the people who had PS2 at that time I think.

WildArmed2407d ago

Yeah man.
I just bought all the GTAs off Steam in celebration.
12$ for every GTA on PC <3 Steam.

Congrats GTA.

MrBeatdown2407d ago

I definitely cared. Just seeing that first screen shot with the cop car in the old PlayStation magazine, I was immediately interested. I was a big fan of Driver, so that surely helped.

Being a massive MGS fan, it was MGS2 that really drove me to want a PS2, but when I went to pick out my first game, I was having a hell of a time deciding between those two. I knew MGS2 would be amazing, but GTA3 seemed like it was going to be something entirely new. Luckily, I was able to get both.

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CDbiggen2408d ago

And in December, so will Final Fantasy X. I'm feeling really old right now; I remember playing those games like it was yesterday.

Ezio20482407d ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GTA 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3

smashcrashbash2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

And STILL better then GTA4. *blows party horn*

soundslike2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )


San Andreas is

but GTA3? meh, its basically the same gameplay but without all those mamby pamby "physics"

As far as initial "wow" moments, yea I'll give GTA 3 that. Opera ftw

oh yea almost forgot the DODO!
I loved learning how to keep that thing flying forever. It was worth the effort

kramun2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

It's a great game to play even now, that's the Rockstar magic.

EDIT:Also, just bought the entire GTA collection for less than a fiver on Steam. What a bargain.

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