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"You’ve played the game but does it feel like you’ve actually experienced the whole package? No! Well it’s about time you did, with Dead Island The Book you don’t have to be the one hacking the zombies body parts off. Reading about the adventure Sam B, Purna, Logan Carter and Xian Mei are dropped into is just as good as playing as one of them especially for those who panic at video games, even though the story is told differently in the book."

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Xenial2247d ago

After all the time i've played DI. I think it deserves a 6/10

Lord_Sloth2247d ago

game kept freezing and wouldn't save. I didn't experience jack!

zerocrossing2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

The thing is there are people that actually defend these bug riddled games by saying things like "The bugs actually make the game more fun"

If the bugs are the highlight of the game then something went seriously wrong during development :/

Lord_Sloth2246d ago

Agreed. I don't get why games like Dead Island and like Fallout New Vegas get a free pass while games like Alpha Protocol get butchered when all of them have the same problems.

Kakihara2246d ago

This game was pretty good fun at least in co-op and at least for a while but anyone who actually buys a novelization of it's story should be lined up against a wall with the people who have the rap track from the game's intro on their iPod and shot.

Drabent2246d ago

Yep 6/10 another half azz broke multiplayer piece'o crap...its sad cause the game would rock if co-op wasn't broken.

zerocrossing2246d ago

There's a handful of games that deserve novalisation, and DI is not one of them imo.