RecoChoku Poll: Final Fantasy Songs Ranked

On Friday, the Japanese mobile music website RecoChoku posted the results of its survey on which theme and background songs from the Final Fantasy game franchise voters liked the best. The poll was conducted October 4 to October 18 to celebrate the Final Fantasy Type-0 game, which will ship in Japan on October 27, and the Final Fantasy XIII-2 game, which will ship in Japan on December 15.

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Darth Stewie2436d ago

No wonder Square is remastering FF X.

Rage_S902435d ago

To zanarkand is amazing.

cr33ping_death2435d ago

is it odd that i can work out to "servants of the mountains) the Mt. Gagazet song? amazing inspirational song.

shikamaroooo2435d ago

I have the whole score from FFX and To zanarkand is the best song imo too. And I don't know why you have disagrees

ReservoirDog3162435d ago

Nothing can top Tifa's Theme. Have to avoid hearing it a lot cause I wanna just replay FFVII again.

Honorable mention to On That Day Five Years Ago.

Sexius Maximus2435d ago

I must be too old school. Terras theme from FF6 for me thank you.

bangoskank2435d ago


Not at all. I've worked out to the FF IV: Celtic Moon CD. Some people like to listen to aggressive music when they're working because it gets them all amped up. I prefer more meditative sounds so I can focus.

Pozzle2435d ago

My favorite FF song will always be the main FFVII theme (that plays on the world map). Something about it is just so...beautiful to listen to.

I liked To Zanarkand as well. But my favorite FFX song is the one that plays when you actually reach Zanarkand. It was really beautiful too.

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GodKing13372435d ago

I think FFX the saddest FF

2435d ago
TrendyGamers2435d ago

Yep, To Zanarkand is easily the top FF song ever.

ceedubya92435d ago

I'm just a huge fan of that whole soundtrack. Very high on my list of game soundtracks.

CLOUD19832435d ago

To Zanarkand what an amazing melody I can hear it non stop for hours, that's the power of Nobuo I have so many amazing melodies in my head from all this years playing Squaresoft games it's impossible to forget them.

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