Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm beta is “months, certainly not years” away

Blizzard have revealed that the next instalment of Starcraft 2, Heart of the Swarm, will enter beta within the next year.

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AfricanWoolf2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Starcraft 2 and it's two expansions were supposed to ship "no more than 9-12 months apart".

As much as I'm excited for the next game, the irritated dissatisfied feeling I have is exactly why I still wish they had shipped Starcraft 2 with three shorter campaigns.

Swapping perspective frequently makes for a more interesting narrative in my opinion. I wish they had stuck to it.

I do think that singleplayer is definitely not their priority which is sad since they have an outstanding universe - easily equal to Warcrafts.

STK0262342d ago

You'd rather have one game with three short campaigns than three complete ones, which is in itself something I can understand. But then you say that you wish they would spend more time working on the single player of the game.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but doing three complete single player modes makes it seem like they do care about the story and the StarCraft universe to me.

And about the swapping perspective argument, both WarCraft and StarCraft games have had separate campaign for each races in the past. The only difference between SC/Wc3 and SC2, is that you have to wait longer before getting the other races campaigns, but you get a much more compelling and complete experience out of every single one. WoL's single player mode is, to me atleast, as entertaining and about as long to complete as either SC or Wc3:RoC's respective campaigns.

I actually like what they're doing as far as single player goes, sure I would have loved to have the entire package in one game, but not if it meant sacrificing on content (or waiting 2-4 more years to get a taste of SC2).

AfricanWoolf2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

I must say, it is really nice to get someone who actually takes the time to articulate their opinions properly instead of slinging the hate so thank you :)

I suppose my issue with SC2 is that I felt the singleplayer of WoL was poor from a writing and storyline point of view (the gameplay was varied and excellent).

I felt the writing was pretty bland and there was very little by way of a cohesive over arching plot line. Compared to one of the three campaigns present in Brood War, WoL had about as much progression in its campaign as one of Brood War's. This made the game feel incomplete to me.

It must also be said that I really, REALLY loved the changing viewpoint in SC1 and WC. It lent a credibility and perspective to the storyline that I had never seen before.I know that when both other expansions are out, in hindsight the story might be great, but I didn't feel splitting them into three "more complete" games worked.

The storyline in WoL was on par with Brood War's Terran campaign only it felt more drawn out because it was three times as long.

That said, Heart of The Swarm is looking great so hopefully I'll be eating my words. :) (sorry for the gargantuan message btw)

ATi_Elite2342d ago

SC2 is like one long complete game and now Heart of the swarm with new units and updates will feel like another complete long game.

Blizzard has done this just right as the short campaigns kinda suck.

AfricanWoolf2342d ago

I'm not arguing its bad value for money, its not. Heart of the Swarm looks like a complete game.

I just prefer a story that swaps between parties to provide perspective. I like it in books, movies and games.

Waiting 1-2years between perspective changes doesn't provide the same satisfaction (to me at least)

To each their own. I hope to meet you on one day :)

gamingdroid2342d ago

I do like the swapping narrative, as it feels like a more complete picture. However, I don't mind the wait. This is the shortest wait we have had for a Blizzard game except for maybe WoW expansions.

Blizzard always deliver a phenomenal experience, so they should definitely take their time.

STK0262342d ago

I understand your point, but I think (hope) that in the end, Blizzard's decision will be worth it. When the final expansion comes out, I think I'll replay through WoL and HotS before starting the final chapter. That way, it'll feel more natural to me.

I guess you could, if you really have the patience, wait until the last expansion before playing HotS. Something I couldn't do.

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