Do violent games cause aggression? We need to look beyond the media to find out...

BeefJack: "The mass media is awash with reports of studies claiming violent games lead to aggression. The gaming populace is quick to call bullshit, but is there an ounce of truth to any of the claims? Jamie Donnelly dives beneath the reporting and takes a look at the research beneath it..."

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Yi-Long2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

... Do agressive people like violent and good games? Probably. Just like most people who aren't violent.

Personally, the only 'agression' I get from games is from sportsgames like FIFA when your GK drops an easy save in front of an attacker or something. Or when you're in a racing game and someone (CPU) knocks you off the course...

Games like GTA actually work pretty relaxing TBH. Blowing stuff up, mowing people down, ripping someone's spinalcord out through their ass. It's very 'zen'.

yezz2284d ago

YEP! I have always said that it doesnt matter if the game includes violent... The violent doesnt make me angry, but some stupid situation does. Situation that feels BS, for example that FIFA thing you mentioned...

If I feel angry I usually play cod or gta to terminate the aggression!

Someone who goes to kill a taxi driver after playing gta is already mentally ill or smth. sry for my bad english..

Pacman3212284d ago

Fifa is one of the most frustrating games ever made! I don't even find games like Demon's souls frustrating, because you die fairly, but Fifa does things that are sometimes out of your control, which is seriously annoying.

bloodybutcher2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

for me Mirror´s Edge time trials were diving me crazy and violent...towards controllers(and tv once-_-).games like gta or fallout actually are fun and the violence there is fun and calmes me down^^i recently became a father and i´d never hit or hurt in any way my or any other child...but i still complain about being unable to kill kids in fallout3:) and i do go on rampage in gta,it doesn´t make me want to go out and drive over a pedestrian,having sex with prostitute and then beat her up with baseball bat to get my money back or to jump out of the car every time i see a Jew to set them on fire.or in red dead redemption online driving a carriage with my friend and then holding dynomite in my hand untill it explodes and kills us both doesn´t make me wanting to do it in real life.if you have violent tendencies then anything can set you,book or cold soup.

Jocosta2284d ago

I am sorry but there is empirical evidence that violent games do indeed cause more aggressive behavior. Just blurting out "No they don't" does not make it true. I love my games, but lets try to be honest with ourselves for once.

Old McGroin2284d ago

I'm being totally honest when I say videogames do not make me aggressive, I'm not blurting it out, it's a simple fact.

Pozzle2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

But a person would have to be aggressive to begin with, in order for games to cause that aggressiveness to come out. So it's not like games are to blame here. Some people are simply more aggressive than others, and cannot "handle" violent games (or even violent movies) as well as others.

I'll definitely admit that I'm a fairly competitive person, so games bring out a mean streak in me when I'm winning or losing. But they don't CAUSE me to be aggressive. I'm a human being who is in control of my own actions, and if I think a game is pissing me off too much, I'll turn it off to cool down for a while. People need to stop blaming violent games for causing aggression and violence, and should instead look at themselves and the type of personality they have.

KaBaW2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Uhm. A violent game has never made me aggressive or angry at the world.. ever.
Violent people are violent, regardless if they play violent games, or if they do not.

FlameBaitGod2283d ago

They actually do, people r blind and deny it but you just have to see a friend of mine that gets worst. He plays anything competitive and when ever he gets killed he aether screams or hits him self or trows the controller, when he just use to make facial expressions and continue playing(kinda sad I know)

People say eh, i don't get aggressive and i play, the majority doesn't but that doesn't apply to everyone. If someone isn't there to correct that behavior, it will get worst.

MysticStrummer2283d ago

There's also empirical evidence that violent games don't make people aggressive, but the media ignores that.

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Old McGroin2284d ago

Do violent games cause aggression? No. Simple as that.

Now, being conscripted to join your countries army and sent off to kill citizens of other countries for their resources, that causes aggression, but let's just call it patriotic.

Actually, headlines like the one used for this article causes aggression.

Bathyj2284d ago

I should slap your face for asking such a stupid question.

MAJ0R2284d ago

sexual aggression? maybe, physical? definitely not

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