Uncharted 3 retail copies leaked early

Reports are coming in that many gamers in Europe and other regions have already managed to sneak a copy of Uncharted 3, and are enjoying the game, thanks to retailer’s breaking the street release date.

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cyborg2459d ago

what I would give to have one of those in my hands right now. Sigh. Good for them, I guess.

inveni02459d ago

I would give a testicle. I'm not sure which...probably the one that hangs the lowest and gets caught between my thighs and rubs itself raw when I run... It would be a good trade, I think.

Iroquois_Pliskin2459d ago

I hope they dont rip it and play it on their modded ps3s... Oh wait.

navysealrb2459d ago

I hate how people say the retailers broke street date when sometimes its really people just stealing a copy(from said retailer) as in I work at target in electronics at we got 100+ copies of bf3 and I was the one who backstocked it all but I could of easily grabbed a copy( our systems hardlock us out from selling any streetdated item til that day.)

RioKing2459d ago

^I would've grabbed a copy. Call me immoral, but at least I'm honest :)

THC CELL2459d ago

Seen one of my friends on it from work he said the game makes uncharted 2 looks like a ps2 game lol and better than any film he has seen in the last 10 years.

LOGICWINS2459d ago

Yeah man I know what you mean. I have a friend who knows a guy who has a brother whose girlfriend has A boyfriend who has the game. I hear its AWESOME!

BushLitter2459d ago

So the boyfriend is the brother of the guy who your friend knows? Or does she have another guy on the side? Skank

LOGICWINS2459d ago

^^Hmmm yeah...lets go with that =D

Darth Stewie2459d ago

Naughty Dog is making the game which means it is automatically Awesome!!!!

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SephirothX212459d ago

Who cares about what people think. Just look at Uncharted 2. For its genre, it was the closest to perfection that any game has ever come and I'm very critical with games. I loved every second of it and I'm still playing it. The fact is if you loved UC2, you will love this even more because ND have clearly taken what they did in UC2 and improved on it. Now any improvement on an already massively awesome game can only mean another even more massively awesome game. Imagine what they'll be able to do with the PS4!

damnyouretall2459d ago

yeah man nd has a vision and im sure a shit load of ideas. not to mention capable talent to do whatever. cant wait to own this game

Xalaris2459d ago

Your post from 1942d ago:

"your such a fool we ps3 fans worship sony and its products whether they're good or not..
so plz shutup 360 fanboyz becoz ps3 and sony is our GOD, so its ok to insult my family but never ever insult the ps3 again..And thats a warning..."

Comments get old, but hilarity never does.
PS3 "fannies" are damn funny indeed xD

qwertyz2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

lol UC3 looks better than 2 but its not even close to the UC1 to UC2 leap so what are you talking about ? even naughty dog said that the leap between uc2 and uc3 isn't much so you saying its a generation ahead of uc2 is obvious console fanboy B.S it will probably be a better game than uc2 was though

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stonecold32459d ago

wow i wonder if australia might have some of them early as well if so i might check my local game shop monday to see if they have already got it in yet?

shikamaroooo2459d ago

Go to big w or another retailer ask for uncharted 3 and say its for a nephew overseas and ask if they can check stock at the back and voula!!!

SOD_Delta2459d ago

Well I guess now is a good time to go on a media blackout.

badz1492459d ago

none of them turn into a jerk and spoil the game ending online! if they are doing it for trophy guides then, I guess it's ok

Ezio20482459d ago

i have got a copy from my company too....and i luckily work in a video game marketing company so got it.


Ezio20482459d ago

i got 2 dislikes for telling truth?

thanks for teaching me this N4G!!!

kramun2459d ago

Yeah, take a pic with your phone and put a bit of paper on top of the game case with 'Ezio2048' on it.

Instant proof.

FAGOL2459d ago

Prove us wrong. Show us some pics.

MsclMexican2459d ago

Make that 40 dislikes for both your comments.... and counting

k2d2459d ago

I think the lesson is shut up about it and be content.

vickers5002459d ago

And while you're at it, PM me a picture of the Starhawk beta code #, I need to check if it's real or not :)

sinender2459d ago

and he was never seen from again

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