Rating-Pending: Ready For Next?!

With all the rumors about next-gen consoles in the works and coming anytime from Wii-U next year to PS4 in the next 4-5 years it begs the question, are we really ready for the Next Gen consoles and what will they be able to do above and beyond today's consoles?

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supremacy2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I personally wouldnt mind new hardware, I am one of those guys who really dont care about price as long as whats being promoted is worth it. So bring on next gen.

All I know is, ps4 will go the vita route with a new improve O.S and better memory archictecture thus allowing Sony and co to render any differences live and psn might have with ease.

By bringing game developers, publishers, engineers together (like they did with the development of the vita)Ps4 will be one of the easiest platforms to develope for, count on it. In a way I am kinda glad ken isnt running things anymore. guy is a genius, but loved keeping things close to the chess which is why most PlayStation platforms have been hard to develop for.