Skyrim: Ice and Dragons Gameplay Montage Video

IGN - Ice and Dragon Gameplay Montage

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NukaCola2283d ago

Got this look so good. Beautiful. Seeing a more lush area with the plant dude looked great. Also epic win on freezing the bear mid pounce. I love that the freeze attack truly freezes the enemy right as they are. I would love to freeze something on the edge of a cliff, and watch them stiffly roll down. Day one.

Avernus2283d ago

I suspect that's a really strong freeze spell. Gameplay looks solid, and as you said the area looks lush...and alive! Seeing the leaves blowing around in the wind. Cannot wait for this.

DryPancake2280d ago

Actually the leaves blowing in the wind are from the Spriggan.

tehgam3r2282d ago

YEAAH! Can't wait for this game ><

hotskys2282d ago

Lol I have that shit as my ring tone! zedge app for the win.

DryPancake2282d ago

Actually the leaves blowing in the wind are from the Spriggan/Ent.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima2283d ago

Looks very good! Very lush environment also. Wish we could ride one of those dragons though lol

Blacktric2282d ago

Maybe we'll get a chance to during the ending. Who knows.

Darkfiber2282d ago

Can't wait to lose my life in this world...I feel like the shouts might get a bit annoying after hundreds of hours though.

Kyosuke_Sanada2282d ago

Dragons on my right, drakes on my left and I am armed with only a double chainsaw arm accompanied by a beautiful blonde who made me cheat on my pregnant girlfriend.

This has been quite the gaming year......^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.