Aliens: Colonial Marines - Brand New Crusher HD Screenshots Emerged

Here are some brand new HD screenshots of Aliens: Colonial Marines, they will show you the Crusher mutation. New Alien which requires a lot to defeat it and cannot be attacked head-on.

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SignifiedSix1917d ago

Cant wait to play this game. Hopefully its as good as the alien games for PS1 :P

ZombieAssassin1917d ago

Same here I've been amped about this game since I heard GearBox was making it.

rumplstilts1917d ago

i hope it's a million times better. Those games were pretty average. (Alien Trilogy and Alien Resurrection that is.)

I hope they are as good as Alien vs. Predator 1 and 2.

sonicsidewinder1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

I make Alien noises when I walk past people in the street.

Quagmire1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

I do the Predator clicks.

They freak even me out.