Game Guys review - Dark Souls

Since before the Dark Souls' release, Namco Bandai have been telling players to get ready for their collective demise. Even the game's URL ( doesn't pull any punches. The spiritual successor to the super-difficult Atlus-published Demons' Souls, developer From Software's Dark Souls is a hardcore RPG that will have players asking for another whuppin' over and over again.

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ArabianKnight012462d ago

Loving Dark Souls, w/ over a 100 hrs clocked in a sure testament to the games addictive quality, a must play for any rpg enthusiast, and a great way to have passed the time before Skyrim releases.

Tanir2462d ago

love the game too, though i HATE New Londo. Got to the abyss after 3 hours of dying, just to have to teleport out to keep my humanity. one idiot jumps into the abyss without the ring, and well me and the other dude cant hold off against the bosses.

also my ONLY prob in the game is that i have to wait till basically right before the final boss to start using my better ores that do +14 to a weapon, and to use the boss souls to make a weapon? WHY lol. that sucks so much. i didnt wanna do a NG+ i wanted to make a female character next like i did in Demon's Souls, oh well, stuff amazingly fun :D

SlickShoes2462d ago

You dont use ores on weapons to upgrade them before a boss, you take them to a black smith and he will do it for you.

The best weapons don't even come from boss souls they can be found anywhere and upgraded, most weapons are capable of becoming good, it just depends what sort of weapon you prefer.

Chug2462d ago

Best game I've played since Demon's Souls.

Louis_Guzman2462d ago

Best game I played this year.