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First Pokemon Rumble Blast Review [Trendygamers]

We feel the need to put this at the beginning of this review. We are huge Pokemon fans. We've played every single mainstream Pokemon game on the handhelds (ie Red/Blue, Black/White) and more than caught ‘em all. We can tell you the name of all 649 Pokemon and their types. So, as you read this review, keep in mind that this comes from the perspective of a big Pokemon fan. By Jason of Trendygamers. (3DS, Nintendo DS, Pokemon Rumble, Super Pokemon Rumble) 9/10

BootHammer  +   1044d ago
Looks like a winner!
TrendyGamers  +   1044d ago
As long as your a pokemon fan!
Jirachi  +   1044d ago
Im on the fence here im the original pokemon rumble was great but it was also 15 dollars this is 35 dollars(before tax) I'm just not sure that it's worth that price maybe ill buy it if and when it drops to a lower price.
TrendyGamers  +   1043d ago
Its obvious that you are a pokemon fan so i think you'll like it regardless but if moneys tight with all the great games coming out you might want to wait and get it uses because pokemon games never have price drops.
Jirachi  +   1043d ago
Well yeah i might get it used either way ill wait til summer to buy it when I don't have to worry about like 5 other games I want to buy. And pokemon Is my Favorite multiplayer seris(I liked the spinoffs too)
TrendyGamers  +   1043d ago
Yeah, the sales for rumble blast probably wont be great just because of all the other bigger games coming out.

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