Did The Battlefield 3 Beta Hurt Sales? No It Just Affected The Stupid People

There have been many interpretations about how the Battlefield 3 beta actually affected sales, did it decrease potential sales numbers or did it increase them. Many people believe that the beta was too buggy and could have caused many people to doubt the release version of this game.

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Avernus2460d ago

I like the title of this article.

deadpoole2460d ago

Couldn't have said it better ... article is full of win.

Title says it all .... :)

IrishAssa2460d ago

The title is funny...But very stupid....Stupid people also = sales believe it or not

BigO2460d ago

i didnt even read this article, but the beta for me it ruined the excitement i had for it. I guess goin from a fast paced shooter like Resistance 3 to BF3 sucked. Felt like all did is die running around lookin for peeps to kill see no one & get shot from a guy laying in the grass. SO I'll PROB PASS ON IT. Just an opinion so dont gettin all 8UTTHURT.

jetlian2460d ago

this "Felt like all did is die running around lookin for peeps to kill see no one & get shot from a guy laying in the grass. " says it all

point is the objective not killing

aksmashh2460d ago

@BigO its a tactical shooter, you can't just run around like a headless chicken. actaully you can but have to be really good

thats why i might pick up COD aswell when i just want to run and gun

radiantmind132460d ago

I understand that it's your opinion. But you said it 'all I did is die running around looking for peeps to shoot' it bf not cod. If you were to run around a real battlefield you too would die fast. Bf series plays differently. You need a bit more wits about you and less sprinting about. It's not for everyone, that's why there are many styles of shooters. Try it again some time but take your time. Try moving with purpose and wait for the kill

LackTrue4K2460d ago

it did not hurt on my sale, but only my judgement. lol. but after hearing other websites talking good about, makes me feel there will be noting to worry about tuesday!

deadpoole2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Battlefield 3 is going to be awesome ... :)

hiredhelp2460d ago

Yeh that title needed saying roll on next week.

achmetha2460d ago

this is why open betas shouldnt exist.
some people arent mentally capable I swear.

fans knew that the beta wasnt the final product...

CloseSecond2460d ago

Yeah, they should just use the retail version to do final testing like they did with MW2. I recall that took months to get things right.

Betas serve a purpose. Problem was EA and Dice had been talking things up for months and the beta failed to come close to the hype.

Gran Touring2460d ago

^^DICE wasn't the one "talking things up" it's always been EA's pr. EA wants Battlefield 3 to be better than MW3, while DICE really just wants BF3 to be a true sequel to BF2.

GraveLord2460d ago

Just like Medal of Honor reboot. :D

SOD_Delta2460d ago

I'm somewhat guilty of this, but I know BF3 will be a good game. It's just a money issue. Sucks for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.