Holographic images you can touch

Microsoft HoloDesk lets you interact with 3D virtual objects

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Tired2371d ago

Colour me impressed too.

kramun2371d ago

That is really impressive.

JellyJelly2371d ago

Don't forget that it's just a glorified Eyetoy /s

nondecaf2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Well I've seen similar attemps with the ps eye it starts @ 3:09 and also smart ar and sony waar(wide area augmented reality.)

ghaleon19802371d ago

Wow, amazing. The potential uses of this technology are virtually endless. I could see a more developed version of this technology in 10 years becoming commonplace in a variety of industries...

ChocolateGiddyUp2371d ago

Best comment on YouTube: "This could be cool for virtual titties"

kramun2371d ago

Gloves with sensors and feedback are the next obvious technology to go with this.

I could literally feel Gianna Michaels breasts!!!

Well, in a way. Kinda.

gamingdroid2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

They already have that:

@24 seconds:

The japanese took it one step further with boob fondling:

Go figure! The power of Kinect, it only does everything!!! :D

ChocolateGiddyUp2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

God, that first video is terrifying. It looks like her tits are trying to escape from her chest.

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