Sexism In Arkham City, A Reply to Film Critic Hulk

The 72 Pins: Let’s address the biggest point here… People use the word “bitch” a lot in Arkham City. We have to take a look at who these people are to understand why they might be using this kind of language so often. As FilmCritHulk is only in the beginning of the game we’ll deal with those people as the examples. These are thugs… locked up goons inside a walled off portion of what used to be Gotham City. In the context of the story, a large portion of Gotham has been shut down, separated from Gotham proper and been renamed Arkham City. FilmCritHulk doesn’t know why, and that’s because you don’t know the full story yet, and I won’t be the one to spoil it.

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Infernostew2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Get over it..... bitch. (Jesse Pinkman style)

LackTrue4K2465d ago

this probably has nothing to do with the topic, but im enjoying the hell out this game. "hope others will too"

NewMonday2465d ago

"life is a bitch, and so I'm I"

remember this line? :P

Lord_Sloth2465d ago

Bubbles for Breaking Bad reference.

NegativeCreep4272465d ago

If so, then why isn't Catwoman being subjugated in a form that is reserved to nothing but a helpless, impressionable character that cannot act alone?

If you have played AC, you know that Catwoman is certainly not helpless, and is a strong character that holds her own.

This article is hogwash!

cochise3132465d ago

you can't expect criminals to speak and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. they're criminals. it's not like batman is going around saying this stuff. people are being too sensitive.

Canary2465d ago

No. Batman's too busy taking half-naked prepubescent boys into his secret cave and training them. While also taking them out to conduct illegal activities that would prevent them from ever going to the police for fear of self-incrimination.

Batman has always been a little controversial, but that controversy has less to do with simple sexism and a helluva lot more to do with rampant homosexual/pedophilic themes.

Tuxedo_Mask2465d ago

That sort of thing is left entirely up to the writer. As a fictional character, Batman is at the mercy of whoever writes his story. Have there been some writers who explored the undertones you mention? Yes, but a majority of the people who have written for Batman respect him enough not to.

Bruce Wayne is a multimillionaire, is it that farfetched that he would adopt someone, let alone train him to help him if he sees potential in his abilities? Some writers would say yes, just like some writers think Superman would denounce his US citizenship.

FreydaWright2465d ago

That's very Freudian of you to say. Unfortunately, the great controversy of Freud is that a psychoanalysis of his own work would deem him an incestual pedophiliac. The point I'm getting to is psychoanalysis, in this case when analyzing Batman, is for the most part quite useless.

Titanz2465d ago

Batman AC; not so much.

UltimateIdiot9112465d ago

Because the criminals should be scream "Please stay down lady in cat suit." or "Miss, I'm going to have to escort you out of the prison because our boss does not wish for your presence here."

Yeah...because that's what scum of the earth would be yelling to trespassers.

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