RAGE Review -

John of - "I was inclined to love it and then hate it but now I just respect it. If you were already looking to buy this game, then go ahead. For shooter fans, it’s worth a rent if not a buy."

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SactoGamer2438d ago

I feel a 3/5 score might be a tad low, but a 4/5 might be a tad high.

AO1JMM2438d ago

4/5 is more of what the game deserves. Just my opinion though.

Shadowaste2438d ago

3.7/5 for me, or there abouts, certainly not what was promised!

ScytheX32438d ago

3/5 that shit is mediocre, just analyze what other games have got this, rage is no way in hell that low in level a game, dont get me wrong its not a 100/100 or anything but thats the problem with review scores, theyres bullshit in themselves really dont mean shit

dirthurts2437d ago

I'd give it a 5/5, but I like the game for what it is, and not for what it isn't.