Nintendo: If you Don’t Own or Want a 3DS, "What’s wrong with you?"

Nintendo president of America Reggie Fils-Aime is probably kidding (half-kidding) when he wonders what's wrong with people who don't have or want a Nintendo 3DS. Consider it a milder form of him kicking your ass and taking your name.

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miyamoto2435d ago

it should be " whats wrong with the 3DS?"

Jirachi2435d ago

If you mean that as you think 3ds has flaws reggie wont admit you're half right 3ds has flaws but all of them he has admited to and is trying to fix.
The reason he said waht he did is because 3ds has great games coming soon and a lowered price(it could be cheaper sure but come on it's only been 6ish months) You may think vita sounds better and maybe it will be but we don't know that yet all we know is 3ds is already out and will have good games by the end of the year.

TreMillz2435d ago

So it took Nintendo a whole year to drop a good game for the 3DS aka Mario?.... Sad

Misterhbk2436d ago

I did own one and I probably will buy one again (at some point) but not until the version with dual analogs is released. That's a major upgrade in my opinion. I don't care so much for changing the size of a device, but adding something that will definitely effect gameplay is worth waiting on.

And yes, the next 3DS, even if it releases in a year or two from now, will have dual analogs built.

Disccordia2435d ago

It won't because that would split the user base

ozstar2435d ago

5 million 3DS's sold verses 100 million DS's, it won't split sh**.

Samus HD2435d ago

And they they would put the offer to trade the old with the new one - that would be great

UltimateIdiot9112435d ago

The DSi didn't split the audience. Motion+ hasn't split the audience. The addon is there so I can't see why Nintendo shouldn't add the second analog to their revision. In fact, I think is even more crazy not too add it.

Vita will be out thus competition at last. Second, many people who are waiting for the second revision are waiting for the second analog. If I don't see a second analog, I'm going to wait for the 3rd and enjoy the Vita.

ronin4life2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

There won't be any reason to make a two stick revision at all unlessthe slide pad add on takes of, proving that the concept is worth implementing in a standard fasion.
The earliest I see such a revision coming is next holiday season, but only if the add on has enough Third party support.
Addition: basically, splitting the user base has less to do with the matter than practical necessity, or lack thereof.

GunofthePatriots2436d ago

Me: Why wasn't dual analog stick in the design to begin with? "What's wrong with you?"

true story

NukaCola2435d ago

I wanted one, then I saw that it was a big ripoff with nothing that really interested me in it's 6 month lineup. The launch was terrible, the price was too much. Then I realized Nintendo is screwing us with the 3DS like putting Luigi's Mansion 2 on it, why the hell not put this one Wii or Wii U where it would fit? Forcing people to buy a mediocre handheld to play direct sequels? Even the new Mario Kart is such a step down from the DS or Wii versions. The online is still terrible, the store is less than impressive and the features are not doing it for me. I will buy a 3DSLiteXL down the road but not anytime soon. Sad really because I have owned every DS and I loved that system. Nintendo really needs to get it's stuff together. And I don't like Reggie or Nintendo of America. Y U NO LOCALIZE XENOBLADE OR LAST STORY?!

Disccordia2435d ago

Isn't Xenoblade out in US?? It's been out in UK for like three months so I can't imagine it's localisation that's an issue...

ronin4life2435d ago

Yeah. Because Reggie has TOTAL control over NOA, with no one above him.
And keep your rage in until Next year.

LOGICWINS2436d ago

"If you Don’t Own or Want a 3DS, "What’s wrong with you?"

I happen to have a brain.

Godmars2902435d ago

Relative free will and no interest.

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