Editorial: Is MW3 The Summer Blockbuster Of Gaming?

Video games are becoming more like movies with every passing day. Our industry even has its own summer blockbuster; it can only be one game, really.

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omni_atlas2406d ago

I would

[goes back to BF3 anticipation]

ArchangelMike2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Uncharted 3 anyone... No PS3? Well then, Skyrim?
oh wait... how could I forget, Battlefied 3!!!
MW3 who?

P.S. I understand what the author means when he says "summer blockbister", int he same sence that films like Transformes 3 are considered "summer blockbusters" - i.e. a string of mindless action and slo-mo sequences, with no coherent plot which the masses flock to see despite it being a deplorable excuse for a film etc etc etc

JeffGUNZ2399d ago

Come on fellas. BF3? Really? Maybe if we all had a top of the line gaming rig, then yes. For us console owners, this is an updated Bad Company 2 game. Hugely let down. I think UC3, Gears 3, and Skyrim are the real contenders.