Pumpkin Heads Coming to Gears of War 3

Cliffy B tweeted a possible first glimpse of Gears of War 3's Halloween madness.

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2fk2437d ago

thats cool...i would rather have a sniper can dream

Dovahkiin2437d ago

Kind of off topic, but i think every shooting game should have sniper playlists, and other fun playlists instead of just the norm. One can dream.

poo3429472947922437d ago

i bet cliffy b licks the pumpkins sac juice

modesign2437d ago

pumpkin head for the low low price of 19.99 lol

sickshot692437d ago

lol that is going to be fun

spicelicka2436d ago

sickkk i was just thinking about this yesterday that it would be cool to have pumpkins in gears, and now booooom:)