GameRevolution Radio 0008: Batman Smells

Show Notes:

Nick Tan, Anthony Severino, Daniel Bischoff

What are you playing?

Anthony: Uncharted 3; Nick: Saints Row: The Third, WWE 12, Sims 3 Pets; Daniel: Batman: Arkham City

The News:

1) Next-Gen Rumblings, rumors (PS4, Xbox Next)
2) People Don't Purchase DLC Due to Privacy, Price, and No Return Policy
3) PlayStation Vita US Launch Date

GR Mailbag:

Boss Fights, Cowboys, Dinnertime, Depression, Ninjas

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LostTokens2433d ago

Listening while I'm typing. BTW Anthony, you and your Uncharted 3... YOU SUCK! :-P

MasterCornholio2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

How dare you say that's Uncharted 3 will suck. How can you
attack one of this gens greatest franchises. Your no gamer if you can't appreciate that game. I can understand you not liking it but you have to admit that the quality is fantastic.


LostTokens2430d ago

I said ANTHONY sucked for being able to play it so much so early, not that the game itself sucks/will suck. It's not really my genre, but I wasn't bashing the game at all. lol