"Holy Sh*t, Battlefield 3 Has A Campaign" - Impressions On Battlefield 3 Launch Trailer

For those of you that haven't quite realized it yet, Battlefield 3 actually has a story. Like many others, I was mainly focusing on how awesome the multiplayer component.

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Angels37852431d ago

Yeah the Battlefield 3 launch trailer looks Light-years better than the Modern Warfare 3 trailer. It looks like a real story with twists and turns while Modern Warfare 3 looks more like a WAAAAAYYY over the top Michael bay film. Plus I can guarantee that BF3's campaign will be at least twice as long AND have a good multiplayer to back it up.

C_Menz2431d ago

BF3's single player actually was stated to be 6 to 8 hours long which is around what MW3 will be at.

egidem2431d ago

Precisely, let's also not forget that the Battlefield Series have always been mainly about large scale multiplayer games.

The bad company series was the first to introduce in single player campaign element. The trailer looks very awesome! 3 more days...3 MORE DAYS!!!! I'M GOING INSANE.

lastdual2431d ago

A long campaign with a gripping story? I think you're expecting a bit too much.

Unfortunately, instead of staying true to the heart of Battlefield and having wide-open missions that play out on maps like Caspian Border where you can tackle objectives in a variety of ways, the BF3 campaign looks to be cribbed straight from the COD playbook, with linear sections strung together by cinematic set pieces.

The multiplayer will be worth the purchase price, but as for the single player, I wouldn't go in expecting a big departure.

lugia 40002431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

You know that MW3 will still have better review scores.

IDK why, really...

a_bro2431d ago


earbus2431d ago

Battlefield 2 HD campaign was tough as nails could not finish it,looking forward to getting into the multi.

Pandamobile2431d ago

Battlefield 2 didn't have a campaign :l

AllroundGamer2431d ago

maybe he meant, that the bots were too hard... ;)

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