The Tyuno Project: Forza Motorsport 4 Review

Have you dream of owning and driving a top of the line, highly expensive, state of the art car ? Well keep dreaming, but if you want to come close to drive your dream car then Forza Motorsport 4 is the game for you. Microsoft have taking racing to the level with their Xbox 360 exclusive. Forza is back and better than ever with all new collection of cars and tracks, but is Forza 4 the best racing game of all time?

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refocusedman2285d ago

Ok Forza may be good but its def not close to being perfect. This website is bootleg.

EarthLover2285d ago

Actually its dam close to perfect, and the fact that its the first game to ever actually achieve photo realism on a console, I think that alone justifies a perfect score.

refocusedman2285d ago

It's not the first gt5 did it and everything is def not photo realistic. U can be s fan but try to be objective. Forza is good but gt5 is also really good neither of which deserve a perfect score

EarthLover2285d ago

Yeah that first one is good, although due to the different lighting, unknown sorce of the GT5 shot, (is it in game?) and the fact that the Forza pic looks as if it was pulled from the Forza in game replay save mode which down grades video quality in order to control file size makes this a poor comparison.

The second link is bogus, neither games looks that bad, ive played both, those videos are low res, garbage, we cant determine anything by comparing them. And even if shadows did accomplish what they are saying in GT5, they also dance and flicker to the point of canceling out the positives.

Finally the AI comparisons are also bogus, that was proved with the GT5 vs F3 one, it depends on where on the track the cars are and frankly AI is most active when all cars are moving, Turn 10 even said that in defense of Poly after everyone was bashing them over these bogus comparisons.

lochdoun2284d ago

Perfect score, perfect game.

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