Dark Souls 360 Review (PlatformNation)

Make no mistake, there is a high barrier of entry for Dark Souls. It is a game built on repetition, accepting your limitations, and grinding through the same scenarios dozens upon dozens of times. None of those things are the problem with this game. It’s that the game does not give you the tools or abilities to survive that grueling process that makes is such a maddening experience. Going under the assumption that you’re one to enjoy a game despite it’s flaws, by all means dive in you’ll be in for a treat. If, however, the thought of a game punishing you for playing it poorly while at the same time preventing you from playing it smart sounds like the opposite of why you play video games, steer clear.

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Bigpappy2340d ago

6 is too low though. I would give it 7.5

TrevorPhillips2340d ago

In my opinion, I think the game is great! and I give it a 9.3

xPhearR3dx2340d ago

I would love to give it the same score, but due to the horrific frame rate issues, I personally can't give it anything above a 9.

TrevorPhillips2340d ago

Don't you only come across that once and only for a bit?

achmetha2340d ago

I wish it were fixed myself..but still demon souls & dark souls are the only two games that suck me in for hours..just like diablo 2. theyre a 10 in my a huge sucker for these types

xPhearR3dx2340d ago

Well Blight Town is the worse, the frame rate is always terrible 100% of the time spent there. But I also get frame rate issues throughout the entire game here and there. Mostly in areas with huge draw distances or with too many enemies on screen. It's a shame because Dark Souls is on of my favorite games this year and I'm well over 60 hours into it. Really hope they can somehow fix it.

achmetha2340d ago

playing like an idiot prevents you from playing smart.

im not one to bash an opinion, but goddamn. you take the cake for the "sissy-fied" gamer.

the game wants you to do better and be more delibrate with your actions..and it doesnt reward you for failing. the rewards are you beating the odds by your own hand.not by being handheld.

my apologies

madjedi2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

"It’s that the game does not give you the tools or abilities to survive that grueling process that makes is such a maddening experience." You get souls by killing enemies and your flasks replenish at campfires, you buy spells and better gear as well as lvl your stats to make you stronger. Just like demons souls did, so stop lying. If you play like a careless fool it's not the games fault but yours.

@author/reviewer If you are familiar with demons souls, dark souls shouldn't have been too surprising to you. If you were too lazy or stupid to adapt and thrive in demons souls, you have no business reviewing dark souls.

So other than lag what technical issues did demons souls have.

nix2340d ago

i'm assuming... when i start playing this game.. i'll see the shadow of this reviewer dying over and over and over.

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The story is too old to be commented.