Top 5 WWE Legends That Need To Be Featured In WWE '12

WWE ’12 will hit store shelves in over a month, but there are some big name legends not listed on the roster.

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Criminal2431d ago

Chris Jericho (meh)
Mick Foley (yes)
Jim Ross (ok)
Bret “The Hitman” Hart (definitely)
The Heartbreak Kid (obviously)

iXenon2431d ago

I'm thinking HBK and Hitman will be DLC. Bret Hart was DLC in SvR 2011.

Relientk772431d ago

Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle

iXenon2431d ago

I didn't list Kurt Angle because he's the top competitor in TNA, so it'd be a waste of space to add anyone from that roster.