PlayStation Vita Survey Hints at Low Cost Downloads Vs. Full Price Retail

PSLS: In Japan, Sony is offering some the digital download version of PlayStation Vita titles at a lower cost. Still being months away from the February 22nd launch in the west, there haven’t been any similar plans outlined for markets outside of Japan. But a new survey that Sony is sending around to PlayStation Network users may shed some light on the situation.

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Lifewish2284d ago

Something off the store should be less than the same thing in retail.

NewMonday2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

look at this option:

Physical copy: $39.99
Download: $14.99 (PS+ only via pre-order)

that's some serious discount, and all other options point to serious price advantage for digital copies.

And another thing is that digital copies are well suited to a handheld you carry around more than a home console.

Can't blame the Japanese for buying out 32gb cards, i'm going to buy a couple of 32gb cards myself at this rate.

joinsideke2284d ago

Nooowww Sony is getting it. Learned from the past, have we?

Sev2284d ago

Definitely seems like the PSPgo was a necessary matyr to ensure the Vita's success.

imoutofthecontest2284d ago

Yeah I'm gonna stare at mine while I listen to the theme song from Braveheart for a while.

Protagonist2284d ago


\(:|) O7, salute.

ABizzel12284d ago

Now I see why Japan sold out of the 32GB memory. With these prices you have no choice, but to get tons of room so you can store all the crap you'll be downloading.

$40 game with $20 online credit is fine with me.

$40 store, $15 PS+ is amazing.

Sony are pure evil tyrants, forcing us to get that 32GB card, and spending our paychecks on these perfectly priced PS Vita games.

a_bro2284d ago

"Physical copy: $39.99
Download: $14.99 (PS+ only via pre-order)"

I like this option more. Im a PS+ user, so i see the benefits and the take aways with that. i would actually be winning here.

T3mpr1x2284d ago

That one seems to me to be their crazy hypothetical price. I know most everyone would jump at that price and leave physical media behind. With smartphone games considered expensive at $10, they may just have to go that low after all.

imoutofthecontest2284d ago

Vita games aren't really fighting for the same audience as Smartphone games though.

a_bro2284d ago

the catch is PS+ though. not a bad catch, considering what you get out of it.

knifefight2284d ago

Meh I'm still buying physical. Just how I roll. I'm old school.

UltimateIdiot9112284d ago

Same here but for some I can make an exception. *High five to old school*

ABizzel12284d ago

I'm all about the disc for consoles, but my handheld can be all digital, makes packing all my games up so easy.

tarbis2284d ago

Old school FTW! *brofist*
I wonder if those packages apply for PSP titles too? I want to get FF Type-O for PSV.

MrBeatdown2284d ago

I'm the collector type so I prefer physical media, but some of the pricing options were pretty appealing. $5 or $10 difference I don't give a crap about since I'd rather wait for sales and get the physical version, but I'd definitely buy a digital version if I got, say, $20 PSN credit back. You could chain those deals together too. Get a bonus, put that toward your next game, get a bonus, and so on and so on.

colonel1792284d ago

I am a collector type too and I will always prefer physical media. That being said, it would be a nice option for games that I am not sure if I want, or some "lesser" games that I wouldn't buy in retail at full price.

Paying $10 less would increase "impulse buy" from people that is undecided about a game by buying it digital. There are some games that I have to skip due to other games that I want more and they release at the same time. This option will benefit me, and a lot of gamers.

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