What You Missed At The Uncharted 3 AMC Events

For those of you that don’t know, Naughty Dog held a special Uncharted 3 “Play it First in 3D” event at only 5 AMC theatres across the U.S, for 3 days. From October 18th-21st, hardcore fans of the Uncharted series came from all over the U.S, to experience first hand the game they’d been anticipating all year. The best part of it all was, premium pass holders could register to get the game a week before the release date!

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the New York AMC event, thanks to some help from @heyPlayStation and MyNiritori staff. The whole night was an incredible experience, and I want you to realize how amazing PlayStation and Naughty Dog really are.

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Rainstorm812345d ago

SO pissed that i didnt have the money to go ..... =-(

MelonSaurus2345d ago

heyPlaystation was giving away premium passes on twitter. We were lucky enough to get it.

MoXxXi2345d ago

Really wish I could have gone to this! too bad none were close enough to MI :(

KittyKatt2345d ago

This would have been really fun to attend. Too bad I would never be able to get the funds up to go to an event like this. :<

FlameHawk2345d ago

The picture with Nathan Drake in a Go-Kart was funny xD.

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