Awesome PS3 and 3D TV Bundle Set for Pre-Order

Incredible bundle including PS3 and 3D is available for one sweet price.

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BiggCMan2315d ago

It's a fantastic deal, but the only problem is, like everyone said back at E3, is that the television is just to small. It's the size of computer monitor basically, and not really meant for living room use, barely even bedroom use. You would need to sit right in front of the damn thing. It's got a great design though, a unique 3D feature for multiplayer which I haven't seen before, and is a great price with the console and game.

LackTrue4K2315d ago

wow!!! that is a great deal!!! "wish i had my tax money RIGHT NOW!!

nitrogav2315d ago

Hopefully same deal here in UK . Nearly bought another PS3 the other day , will hold off now to see what happens .

josephps32315d ago

This is a good deal but hardly an epic deal. I could get a 320GB PS3 with Infamous2, Batman Arkham City, and Battlefield3 bundle from Futureshop for $300. I'd rather spend a little extra and get a much larger 3d tv.

supremacy2315d ago

Exactly, besides I thought this deal was 499 at one point. Oh well I am sure there will those out there looking for something like this.