Sony Plans to Bring PlayStation Games to Non-Sony Devices

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sony Executive Deputy President Kaz Hirai plans to expand the PlayStation Suite beyond just Sony-licensed devices and the Android.

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sinncross2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Well yeah if they can. When PS Suite was originally announced many months back, Kaz said back then that the plan was to expand to other OS`s beyond Android.

But what really needs to be seen is how and what content they provide. Just bringing PS classics is not enough. It`s a good field to expand the non gaming apps on PS Store to other platforms, even apps like Home.

They have a potential here, but they much make sure they actualise it.

That said, I really want them to get devs who work on the Apple OS to get games out for PS Suite. I think it would be great to have the likes of Infinity Blade, Dead Space Mobile and Chaos Rings on PS Suite, making them available for the Vita.

blumatt2434d ago

Yeah, if they could get Home working on other devices like Android phones and iOS devices, it would be pretty cool.

Kamikaze1352434d ago

Mac? Sure. iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad? No

Kamikaze1352434d ago

How about release a PS1 emulator via Steam and sell games through there? :)

BrightFalls762434d ago

Too little, too late. Microsoft is better suited to make this happen across multiple devices.

Etseix2434d ago

too late? Sony announced the PS Suite some months ago, and the plan was to expand to other OS, and i still dont hear a word from Microsoft about something like this.

Keep it up .

ZeroX98762434d ago

maybe but microsoft doesn't have that much games to offer compared to sony.

Ddouble2434d ago

"So far, the only devices that will be able to take advantage of the PlayStation Suite's library of downloadable games are the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, the PlayStation Vita, the Sony Tablet, and specific devices that run Android 2.3. "

It's going to be on Android devices and the Vita and it also has the PS1 library on deck but somehow Microsoft is better suited?

scofios2434d ago

Microsoft ??? can you also tell me with which studio they gona do that , because as long as i can remember they only own 2 or 3 first party studios .

Disccordia2434d ago

They owned 6 or 7 and have just opened 5 brand new ones presumably for next gen projects

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baodeus2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

so what would happen to exclusivity?

oh, i guess they were only talking about portable/downloadable games.

sinncross2434d ago

What about? PS1 classics are hardly indicative of exclusivity with new Sony consoles.
Likewise, Ps Suite is to get smartphone games onto Android and PSV (and other OS`s in the future).

The simple fact that A PS Suite game is on both Android and PSV negates exclusivity there as well. Exclusive games will be those developed solely for the PS3 or PSV. So think Siren Blood Curse on PS3 and Gravity Daze on PSV.

Sony will not be distributing those games via PS Suite