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quote from review: "The gaming world was taken a bit by surprise earlier this year when rumors began to swirl regarding a new entry into the much-loved Burnout franchise. Called Burnout Crash!, and first leaked by the Australian ratings board, it seemed like Burnout fans would finally get the proper Crash Mode that Criterion inexplicably left out of the last proper Burnout title, Burnout Paradise. People were hopeful, and then it came to light that it was a downloadable game with a top-down presentation and goofy art style causing much of that hope to be swept away as millions of gamers scratched their heads in confusion. Burnout’s beloved Crash Mode was never what I would call “mature gaming,” however, it’s never been childish either, so it didn’t automatically mean fans were going to be happy with a kiddiefied title that seemed to be aimed at the average Burnout fan’s little brother. Then Kinect compatibility was announced and it seemed that, not only were little brothers a key target demographic, but also grandparents. It was looking pretty bad for Burnout Crash!; however, having played the game, I can say that I found most of my fears to be completely unwarranted."

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