Mass Effect 2 on PS3 Get New Low Budget Pricing

With Mass Effect 3 releasing in less than six months, players who are looking forward to play the second game on the PlayStation 3 can now do so at an affordable price as the game drops the price.

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DarkTower8052310d ago

I got LA Noire for $19.99 via Gamefly, now ME2 for $19.99 via Gamestop! I'm getting both and shelving them for the slower spring/summer of 2012.

Megaton2310d ago

Can't stress it enough how much you guys should play ME1. It's wrong that BioWare started selling their franchise at the sequel on the PS3. They only do a disservice to the series as a whole by pretending you can jump right into ME2, browse a comic, and be good to go. I mean you can, but you're really missing out. Mass Effect is better than that.

SJPFTW2310d ago

1) Bioware develops it, it does not publish it. That is EA

2) First mass effect is owned by microsoft not EA

hence why mass effect 1 is not on the PS3.

SageHonor2310d ago

I played ME2 first on my PS3 but eventually bought the first and second for PC :)

Megaton2310d ago

Similar story here. I played ME2 first on 360. Liked it so much that I bought ME1 for 360. Beat them several times each, own them both on PC now. Plan on getting ME3 for PC as well.

It was a real eye-opening experience playing ME1 after ME2. I recommend everyone play the series on a platform where they can play ME1 and import their save into ME2.

BobbyMcCOOL2310d ago

toooo much talking in ME1, felt like that's all i did. ME2 is a good starting point

sashimi2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Well the Ps3 version is finally cheap enough for me to buy since i already played it on PC during release. Seriously I can't go a week without buying a new game this month :( draining my funds.

Tripl3seis2310d ago

getting it tomorrow i havent played the game yet so i need to keep up with the story of mass effect.

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