Will unranked dedicated servers in MW3 hurt the PC multi-player experience?

Nic from wonders if unranked dedicated servers could harm the online PC multi-player experience in Modern Warfare 3, along with some other PC only features that are to be implemented.

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Will I would like to hear the thoughts of PC Gamers on this Issue.

fredolopez2405d ago

Unranked kinda beats the purpose of online play...

Chnswdchldrn2405d ago

well there is something called playing online for fun, not for score or points

xPhearR3dx2405d ago

Not really, I don't care about K/D, stats, rank and all that crap. As long as I can play and have fun, that's all that matters.

NYC_Gamer2405d ago

useless since it's only used for unranked matches

GraveLord2405d ago

Well Black and MW2 didn't have dedicated servers are people are still playing them. So, no it won't hurt the experience.

nicfurlong2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

but mw3 has dedicated. they were almost better off not allowing dedicated if they are just going to make them unranked. Yes, no?

nutcrackr2405d ago

Black Ops does have dedicated servers on PC. They are through authorized hosts like how BF3 is going to do it. People can hire servers and set up *basic* rules for them, kick players etc. I think they can make many changes with unranked servers.

I was going to buy it when I heard dedis were coming back but it doesn't seem like they are integrated at all, just an afterthought that is useful for competition stuff, not really public games.

Sure they can unlock all weapons, but I think the ranking is part of the experience. Realistically I don't think it will kill player numbers much.

StealthyRay2405d ago

While I thought at first that being unranked meant that we cannot progress to unlock all weapons/attachments, this is somewhat comforting to know that playing in those servers are a different experience in itself from the public matchmaking. Only that quite a few players may stay out of the unranked servers and admins may have a hard time attracting regular players. I don't know, but that's how I see it happening.

caboose322405d ago

Your wrong again, because black ops did have dedicated servers.

nicfurlong2405d ago

they let you buy a server from they didnt let you set up your own server on your own dedicated machine.

caboose322405d ago

Yes and that is a dedicated server. Well, a form of it anyways.

tehgam3r2405d ago

There were ranked severs in CoD?

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