Battlefield 3 getting special drivers fom Nvidia and AMD before launch

Both AMD and Nvidia have revealed that special drivers will be released ahead of Battlefield 3's launch which aim to improve performance across various graphics cards.

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RyuDrinksTheDew2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago ) FROM*

OT: definitely a good thing, glad to hear it.

EDIT: ahh, you beat me to it Reservoir!

Shadowaste2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

cool.....The Beta drivers for the BF3 Beta definately made a difference, I tested it with my WHQL drivers first then applied the beta driver and got about 10-12 extra frames per second on "ultra" (not real ultra to full game, woo-hoo_)

With V-Sync I was Maxed at 60 about 90% of the time, though smoke when going down into the subway dropped me to about 45.

I'm downloading BF3 on origin right now, got it for $45 pre-order with my 25% off birthday code, good stuff:)

Cannot wait for the game, if you pre-ordered on origin, check your email, you can start pre-loading now and be ready to play at midnight monday/tuesday!!

Can't wait to sneak up behind you all, shove a knife in your neck and take your dogtags, peace friends!


nice man, why'd you get two, a gift for a lucky friend?

evrfighter2464d ago

ya that 25% off bday discount was really nice.

The $40 amazon dd version was pretty sweet also. The cd key they sent me worked on Origin. so I got 2 copies at really good prices.

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